K9s Talking Scents

40 Episodes

By: Cameron Ford

This podcast is all about Detection Dogs we talking training, working the dog in the real world, starting a new dog or have an experienced dog, this show is for you.  Calling all Detection dogs, Sniffer Dogs, those who compete in Nosework / Scentwork sports.  If you work a detection dog that sniffs out bombs, drugs, guns, cell phones, electronic devices or anything else this podcast is for you 

S3 Episode 44: "On the record" with Dr. Mary Cablk

Dr. Cablk is well known in the SAR community and more recently become known to Law Enforcement on various cases she has testified on. We discuss all this is so much more. Dr. Mary E. Cablk is an expert in detection and systems. In her research, she draws upon knowledge from multiple fields such as olfaction, analytical chemistry, learning, cognitive and industrial/occupational psychology, forensics, spatial analysis, pattern analysis, and image processing. Her interests focus on transforming qualitative observation into quantitative data and combining multiple input data types to solve complex challenges related to detection, in a field setting...

Season 3 Episode 43: The mind of a puppy with Dr. Emily Bray

On this podcast, we get to finally discuss the cognition testing and research on how predictable the cognition tests on puppies are in determining if they are potential detection or working dogs.  Many of us who work breed or train dogs always know its a crap shoot at times to know if the puppy we are working with can or will turn out to do what we hope.


Dr. Emily Bray conducted her post-doctoral research associate at the Arizona Canine Cognition Center (in the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona) and Canine Companions fo...

Season 3 Episode 42: The Military process to Nosework with Bill Gaskins

On this Episode I get to speak with Bill Gaskins of Integrity Noseworx. Bill is the son of two retired police officers in Oregon and has been working with dogs since he was 11 years old.

During his Air Force Experience Bill a Military Working Dog Handler of 10 different dogs, Dog Trainer for over 50 operational Dog Teams and Kennel Master managing kennel operations all over the world. As a canine training instructor, Bill trained and certified over 624 dog teams in tasks from Obedience, Patrol Protection as well as Explosive and Narcotics detection. Bills experience culminated as the course...

Season 3 Episode 41: Ken Pavlick and the P's of Detection dogs

On this episode we speak with Ken Pavlick of Pacific Coast K9. Ken has been working dogs for over 30 years.  He was first in the USAF as a MWD Handler, then a Police Officer and K9 Handler for agencies on the West Coast.  Later he opened Pacific Coast K9 located in Washington and has been training and selling detection dogs ever since.  Ken due to his experience is a wealth of knowledge and has a lot of great info to share with our listeners.  


You can contact Ken at www.pacificcoastk9.com 



Season 3 Episode 40: "We all have the same problems" with Don Blair

Don Blair had his start with working K9s as a police officer. Having served as a K9 officer for 5 years, he moved into US Customs and Border Protection and quickly worked his way through a variety of roles including Canine Enforcement Officer, Instructor/Course Developer and Canine Branch Chief. He was responsible for supervision of Department of Homeland Security/Customs Border Protection anti-terrorism inspections and special enforcement operations as well as canine training and research development programs.


After founding CIA in 1984, Don continued to procure skills in optimizing canine learning through the attendance of n...

Season 2 Episode 39: "Explosive Science" with Todd Wilber

The last Episode of Season 2 goes out with a bang!!! In this episode, I speak with Todd Wilber.  

Todd Wilber, President of Precision Explosives LLC

Todd has worked for over 20 years in counterterrorism as a responder, researcher, policy writer and senior manager. He responded to various incidents at the local, national and transnational levels. His experience includes battlefield firsthand experience with improvised explosives and IEDs. He conducted research on various improved explosives and developed novel render safe procedures for IEDs as well as nuclear devices. Mr. Wilber is completing work on new, broad use desensitization s...

Season 2 Episode 38: "Talking training and Bio Detection" with Wesley Visscher

In this podcast, I sit down with my good friend Wesely Visscher owner of Scent Imprint for Dogs (based in Holland).  Wesely has been working and training detection dogs for many years now and more recently has been very focused on the Bio Detection and Conservation Detection worlds.  Conservation and Bio Detection dogs are an emerging market and we discuss this as well as many other detection training topics.  

You can contact Wesley at info@scentimprint.com or go visit his website at www.scentimprint.com

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Season 2 Episode 37: "The value of failure" with NYPD Lt. John Pappas and Sgt. Randy Brenner

This is a powerful episode where we talk to the Commanding officer and unit Sgt. of the prestigious NYPD Transit Bureau K9 unit. This unit is comprised of over 50 dog teams and protect NY City for every major event that happens, from UN National Assembly, US OPEN, New Year's Eve, Times Square, the entire subway system in their jurisdiction, and so much more.  We cover the "value of failure" and pushing yourself outside your comfort levels so you and your dog can grow as a team.  Hope you enjoy it.


Lt. John Pappas: over 25 years of...

Season 2 Episode 36: "Under the Surface" with Paul Martin

Paul S. Martin, M.A. is an anthropologist and K9 handler for History Flight, Inc. with K9 Ziva, where they assist in the search and recovery of missing American Service Members from foreign conflicts. He also provides archaeological consulting services through Martin Consulting.

He is an affiliate of the Society of American Archaeology, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and is the past president of the National Network of Canine Detection Services. He is a member of the AAFS Standards Board Consensus Body for Dogs and Sensors. He is the cofounder of HRD Specialized K9 Training that was esta...

Episode 34: Importance of Standards with Robin Greubel

Robin has been involved in detection work since 2001, beginning in wilderness and human remains detection (HRD), which expanded into disaster work. She trains and deploys with Nebraska Task Force 1 and Iowa Task Force 1. She is a certified explosives and narcotics detection dog handler. 

Subject matter expert for the AAFS Dogs and Sensors Consensus Body

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), where she is an instructor and evaluator for both live and HRD

Alliance for Emergency Response Instructors and Examiners (AERIE), where she is a certified search manager, a search management instructor and Director of th...

Episode 33: (Detection Eh') with Gord McGuiness

Gord McGuinness is currently a member of the Metro Vancouver Transit Police Service in British Columbia, Canada. This new assignment follows a 34-year career with the Vancouver Police Department. Prior to his retirement from the VPD, Gord spent 18 of 34 years as a canine handler and worked five police service dogs during his time in the VPD Canine Unit.

For more than a decade Gord held the position of Head Trainer in the Canine Unit where he was responsible for implementing the first single purpose, narcotic and explosive detection dog teams in the history of the Vancouver Police...

Episode 33: Cop surrounded by Science (Robert "Doc" Dougherty)

Cheltenham Township Police Officer Robert "Doc" Dougherty has become an integral member of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center as law enforcement canine coordinator. With more than 31 years of law enforcement and K9 experience, "Doc" brings vital training skills to the program.


Penn Vet website



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Episode 32: Experience Speaks volumes with Sonja Nordstrom

Sonja's accomplishments with dogs and training credentials achieved during the last 25 years are unmatched. In 2014, Sonja retired from the FBI after 23 years of service as a Special Agent and opened Sonja's Dog Training.  While serving with the FBI, Sonja completed thousands of hours of training under nationally recognized trainers, competed in the protection sports of Schutzhund, Mondioring, and French Ring, attained local and national level search dog certifications, completed 100's of field missions with her K9s for the FBI and others, and has trained and worked with 100's of dogs of all ages and types. 

For approxim...

Season 2 Episode 31: Dr. Cindy Otto of Penn Vet

In this episode, I interview the fascinating Dr. Cindy Otto is an associate professor and veterinarian with specialty certification in both Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care and Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. She has worked in the Emergency Service at the University of Pennsylvania MJ Ryan Veterinary Hospital for over 20 years. She has been a member of FEMA’s Pennsylvania Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1 from 1994-2010. She is a certified trick dog instructor (CTDI) and has been training dogs for the past 10 years. Most recently she has founded the Penn Vet Working Dog Center and serves as th...

Season 2 Episode 30: The Great Podcast Mashup

Scent detection is an art form in dog training that is best described as a methodology with many nuances. Two very well respected trainers who are well known for their work in scent training join us for this episode.

Jerry Bradshaw and Cameron Ford join us again, this time together, to share their ideas and techniques in scent training.

Like most trainers, both of these gentlemen have their respective style. Although we may have our preferences, we can’t deny good training and results.

Making sense of scents is a skill set that al...

Season 2 Episode 29: Dr. Lucia Lazarowski and Bart Rogers (Puppy to Detection Dog)

Dr. Lazaroski and Bart Rogers are part of the Auburn University Canine Performance Sciences. Their current research focuses on the selection, training, and utilization of scent detection dogs by examining early development, olfactory function, cognitive processes, and welfare. Her work has been published in a variety of journals including Animal Cognition, Learning and Behavior, Behavioural Processes, Applied Animal Behavior Science, and Journal of Veterinary Behavior.

Bart also has a website for the education and services he offers https://sites.google.com/view/southpawconsulting/home

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Season 2 Ep. 28: Nathalie van Hellemond "Education and Tradecraft"

In this episode, we get to speak to Nathalie van Hellemond from Scent Imprint for dogs.  Nathalie is a trainer and helps work all dogs at the Scent Imprint for a dogs training center in Holland.  Nathalie discusses her journey and education in holland to become a dog trainer.  What I find very unique about what she talks about is how the education system is a mix of learning theory in the classroom followed by 2 years of interning at various jobs to help each student find the best chance for a career in a job they want moving forward.  This...

Season 2 Ep. 27: Chris Oliver from Jail Detection K9 to Nosework

This episode with Chris Oliver we discuss the unique challenges of working a detection dog in a jail environment and the unique challenges this presents. We also cover what he has learned and how he has evolved as a handler and trainer. Chris also covers how he takes his experience and uses it to help create very strong competitive Nosework teams with his sport side of his business. You can contact Chris at k9furst@gmail.com

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Season 2 Ep. 26: Justin Rigney and Mike Lilley

This podcast with the owners of K9 Services Unlimited LLC. This episode was done when they came out to Las Vegas and visited me at the Ford K9 Training Center.  Justin and Mike have extensive experience in Police K9 and K9 Training.  Both share their knowledge and backgrounds when it comes to detection work and Tracking from a professional's point of view. 


If you want to contact Justin or mike you can go their website www.k9servicesunlimited.com 


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Season 2 Ep. 25: Double Drop -Ted Daus and Mel English

This is a double drop episode from my Interviews at the CNCA conference.  First up is Ted Daus who is well known in the K9 legal community.  Ted has extensive knowledge in the detection dog world with the numerous cases he has worked as a prosecutor in FL.  He is also a part of the HITS K9 seminars and gives classes all over the world, on topics such as record keeping and legal updates for K9 handlers.  you can email Ted at ted@hits.net


Mel English is retired Las Vegas Metro K9 handler and Train...

Season 2 Ep. 24 Tim Baird " The Detection Puppy Process"

Tim Baird went from herding dogs, to Police officer K9 Handler, to working at Auburn University puppy and Vapor Wake Program. He then continued to the commercial world with contractor work and Vapor Wake K9s.  He has assisted TSA and other DHS programs and has now started The 5B Farms which family operated by his wife Traci and 3 daughters, is a program for breeding and raising labradors for detection work.  His facility is in Piedmont AL and one of the largest in the nation doing this type of work.

You can find Tim on social media @th...

Season 2 Episode 23: Pat Nolan “The Young Pup”

Pat Nolan: Following a successful 30-year career training retrievers for hunting and competitions, I began to apply lessons learned in e-collar conditioning and remote directional training to working with military and police units.

This is a partial list of agencies I have worked for:

GSG9 der Bundespolizei

BORTAC US Customs Special Operations Group


Netherlands Police Agency, Specialist Criminal Investigations Department, Special Operations Unit, Driebergen

U.S. Federal investigative police

FT. Bragg, NC. Training U.S. and International Special Operations Units

1st Special...

Season 2 Episode 22: Pat Stuart "The Operant Canine"

Pat Stuart is a former Special Forces K9 Handler from Australia.  He is also the host of the well known Podcast The Canine Paradigm.   Pat's business (the Operant Canine) conducts seminars world wide under the Ne Po Po training methods.  He offers great insight and advice on canine behavior and training. You can find him on social media under his name or The Operant Canine www.operantcanine.com.au


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Season 2 Ep. 21 Dr. Nathan Hall (Updates and Announcements)

Dr. Nathan Hall who had the most votes for favorite episode of 2019, gives us an update on research projects he has been doing as well as new technology for detection dogs.  We also cover the new K9s Talking Scents Webinar series he will be doing with me.

Dr. Nathan Hall

Assistant Professor of Companion Animal Science

Director of the Canine Olfaction Research and Education Laboratory

Nathaniel Hall earned his PhD from the University of Florida in 2015. While there he did research working with fruit bats, dogs, and wolves. He continued h...

Season 2 020 Cameron Ford (role reversal)

Welcome to Season 2....  This is Episode 20, the first episode in 2020 and why not do a role reversal.  In this episode, I am interviewed by Pete Stevens (who was my first interview of Season 1 episode 1). Pete is the owner of The Scentsable Canine and felt it was important for the listeners of K9s Talking Scents to get to learn more about me, since I am the host and always asking questions to others.


We talk about how I got into K9 and my 26 year journey and I share what I have learned where I messed up...

019 Jo-Anne Brenner of K9 Medic

For over a decade, Jo-Anne Brenner has developed and taught K9 emergency medicine programs for SAR, law enforcement and military K9 handlers and paramedics. She leads a team of multidisciplinary experts to customize education programs for specific environments and protocols including Canine-TCCC, K9-TECC, and wilderness protocols. Jo-Anne and the K9 MEDIC™ team have been privileged to serve teams including USAF PJs, ATF Special Operations Medics, CBP (BorSTAR/BorTAC) K9 Handlers and Medics, Georgia Emergency Management Agency teams and a wide variety of over 100 state and local EMS, law enforcement and SAR teams.

Jo-Anne is a recognized au...

018 with Kimberly Artley (Health and Wellness)

Kimberly Artley is the Founder of PACKFIT, Author of the celebrated book, “My Dog, My Buddha”, and has been described as the “Mary Poppins” of dog training. Her background of nutrition, human psychology and behavior, and life coaching paired with canine psychology, behavior and training blends seamlessly together to offer the most effective approach and results for a wide spectrum of canine challenges. Go check out www.packfit.net

Webinars or Seminars with Cameron Ford and Guests www.fordk9.com or email Cameron at cameron@fordk9.com  on social media Instagram and Facebook @cameronfordk9 

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017: Dr. Lauryn Degreeff “Odor Mixtures”

Understanding the power of Odor Mixtures. Dr. Lauryn Degreeff sits down with me while we were at HITS and discusses her research on Odor mixtures and the importance of training and expose to scent mixtures.

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016 "Experience Counts" with Andy Weiman

This episode was recorded at HITS in Chicago with Andy Weiman. Andy has been in K9 for 30 years and has a vast level of experience specifically in Detection dogs. Andy has also become a subject matter expert and teaches others on how to be prepared legally as a detection dog handler.

www.silverstatek9.com Handler schools, Trainer schools, Seminars and Detection Dog sales.

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015: Dr. Paola Teidemann (Prada) "Pseudo vs. Real"

Dr. Paola (Prada) Tiedemann, Forensic Scientist and Head of the Forensic science laboratory at Texas Tech University. Paola was also part of SWGDOG and now is part of the National Forensic Board and is working on national standards for detection dogs. She has been a part of numerous canine olfaction research projects and is a subject matter expert in the field. In this interview we discuss synthetic odor training aids vs. real material training aids and what practices science looks at and what recommendations to follow. This is a great interview with lots of information... enjoy.


014 Detection Sports and Chemistry with Stacy Barnett

Episode 14 Stacy is a avid and extremely successful Nose/Scent work competitor and trainer. She also has a degree in Chemistry which gives a greater understanding of odor. We discuss all these things as well as advice and information for all detection dog teams.

Look for more webinars with me and Stacy soon. Silver State K9- Handler and Trainer Schools, Mobile classroom and workshops. Www.silverstatek9.com

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013 Simon Prins (Detection is Dutch to me)

Simon Prins has been a Dutch Police Detection Dog Handler, Trainer and Supervisor for over 25 yrs. He helped introduce Operant Conditioning training methods to Police K9 units around the world. He skillfully trained dogs for special operations mastering the use of robotics and sensors on detection dogs. He firmly believes that science significantly improves our work and relationships with detection dogs. Simon now speaks all over the world and soon will be coming to Silver State K9 for one of his Seminars. You can find Simon on his website www.simonprins.com

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012 Talking Tracking (Mashup with Working Dog Radio)

We all met up at HITS...On this episode we are talking Tracking with the guys at Working Dog Radio. Eric Stanbro and Ted Summers discuss their experience and training tips for Tracking.

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011 Dr. Michele Maughan and Jenna Gadberry.... Keep that Odor to itself

Keep that Odor to its self... these women are some of the best in the field when it comes to Odor and Odor storage. They have worked with the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security coming up with best practices for odor storage.

To contact Dr. Michele Maughan mmaughan@excetinc.com  

To contact Jenna Gadberry jennagadberry@gmail.com 

To contact Cameron Ford@silverstatek9.com 

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010 Ariel Peldunas (From Military Handler to Academic)

Ariel Peldunas Served this country as a USMC Military Working Dog handler, then as a contractor serving overseas working a Human Remains Detection dog, looking for remains of fellow service members. After her time overseas she decides to learn more and to delve deeper in the understanding of dogs.  She received her BA in Biology and minor in Neuroscience.   Ariel continues to work and train dogs and has been an accomplished handler and trainer in the sport of PSA as well as detection dogs and Pet Obedience.  Her company is called Your Dog Can Too.  You can find her on f...

009 Breaking Bad with Kevin Sheldahl

Kevin is a retired K9 Deputy from the Albuquerque metro area. Kevin has trained thousands of dogs in sport and Police K9. He is a subject matter expert on K9 deployment and tactics. He is also very much a practitioner of applying scientifically based principles to K9 training.

Keven can be reached at his web site www.k9services.com

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008 - Mike Herstik (Science, Pseudo Science and Lessons from life)

In this Interview, I get to Speak with Mike Herstik. Mike is an extremely experienced detection dog trainer and has worked extensively with the Isreali Military and US Law Enforcement. Mike has played a major role in various K9 research projects and has been vital a detection practitioner in sharing his knowledge. If you want to reach out to mike you can visit his website www.detectiondogs.com

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007 - Canine Cognition on Detection Dogs with Dr. Brian Hare of Duke University

On this episode, I interview Dr. Brian Hare from Duke University. Canine Cognition Center. We discuss canine cognition in relation to detection dogs as well as how to use cognition to better select a working dog. We also discussed many other topics on this information filled episode.

Canine Cognition

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006 - Interview with Mallory DeChant (Researcher Canine Olfaction Laboratory Texas Tech University)

Odor Thresholds and K9 Physiological response to odor. Mallory is completing her PHD with Dr. Nathan Hall. Mallory is conducting various canine scent detection research projects. We discuss these topics as well as a few others.

This episode is sponsored by: SILVER STATE K9 (PILB#1147) Silver State K9 offers Handler and Trainer schools. Are you a Police K9 Handler needing to get your K9 Trainer Certification we have classes available for you. Are you looking to become a handler, we offer K9 handler schools as well. K9 Supervisor Class Sept 23rd to 25th www.silverstatek9.com


005 - Advice for New Handlers. Ret. K9 Sgt. Gregg Tawney

This is the last interview conducted in Palm Springs at the CNCA conference. I interview retired K-9 sergeant Greg Tawney. Gregg is also one of the Hosts for the Police K9 Radio podcast. Greg also owns a K9 Training Center called Dtac K9.

During this interview we cover a number of topics however the main theme become back to is his advice for the new Handler.

**In memory of MPC Charlie Naval Special Warfare Group 1

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