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It's Super Effective is a weekly Pokémon podcast that covers news and information on Pokémon GO, the Pokémon anime, and the video games (such as Pokemon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet, as well as, Pokémon UNITE and Masters EX). The podcast also talks about battling, Shiny Hunting, the Pokémon TCG, Pokémon merchandise and more! While the show is mostly news focused, we cover listener e-mails, and in-depth Pokémon trivia! It's Super Effective is an award-winning podcast and one of the most downloaded Pokémon-based podcasts on the web. It's Super Effective is dedicated to bringing...

Review of The Teal Mask Pokémon DLC
Last Monday at 8:16 AM

The Teal Mask DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are here! This episode will include story spoilers, but we don't warn you when they happen. We talk about the 2.0.1 update for the games, the new features you can experience without the DLC, and the DLC content itself. Before we dive into the Teal Mask, we talk about UNITE, the Santa Cruz skateboards, and our Pokémon Sleep check-in! 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:10 - Pokémon Sleep Updates
00:06:00 - Santa Cruz Skateboards
00:18:30 - Blaziken in UNITE
00:25:30 - Break
00:29:30 - The Teal Mask Review 
02:20:00 - Post...

Test, Don't Download
Last Monday at 8:09 AM

Just a test

Review of the Teal Mask DLC
Last Monday at 7:57 AM

The Teal Mask DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are here! This episode will include story spoilers, but we don't warn you when they happen. We talk about the 2.0.1 update for the games, the new features you can experience without the DLC, and the DLC content itself. Before we dive into the Teal Mask, we talk about UNITE, the Santa Cruz skateboards, and our Pokémon Sleep check-in! 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:10 - Pokémon Sleep Updates
00:06:00 - Santa Cruz Skateboards
00:18:30 - Blaziken in UNITE
00:25:30 - Break
00:29:30 - The Teal Mask Review 
02:20:00 - Post...

Teal Mask Roll Out, New Skateboards, Anime Update

Mr. Mime and Mime Jr. are coming to Pokémon Sleep. We now know that the Pokémon DLC should drop the morning of the 13th in Japan according to sources, so that would mean the evening of the 12th for the United States. Paldean Winds comes to YouTube with a new Scarlet and Violet distribution. Santa Cruz is releasing a handful of Pokémon skateboards, but you don't get to pick which one you want. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:07:15 - New Pokémon in Sleep 
00:19:45 - Pokémon GO Update
00:34:45 - Break
00:37:30 - Scarlet & Violet N...

Countdown to The Teal Mask Pokémon DLC

We had a first big Pokémon Sleep event, Good Sleep Day, so we go over the ups and downs of that event. After traveling and participating in a Japanese Tea Ceremony, we talk about that compared to what they showed for Poltchageist. Now that it's been a couple days, we talk about the 7-Star Mewtwo Raids and the expectations set. Finally, a new season of Pokémon GO is here! 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:03:40 - Good Sleep Day
00:09:20 - 7 Star Mewtwo Raids
00:27:20 - Break
00:30:40 - Free Mimikyu GameStop
00:38:30 - Poltchageist Story
00:57:40 - Poké...

Mega Rayquaza Weekend

This past weekend was the Global Pokémon GO Fest and we talk about how this one holds up compared to past events. Mega Rayquaza makes its worldwide debut in Pokémon GO. Pokémon Masters EX kicks off its 4 year anniversary this week. Pokémon Sleep celebrates 10 million downloads. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s is adding the matcha-flavored Pokémon, Poltchageist!

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:05:0 - Pokémon Sleep Day
00:16:00 - Masters EX Anniversary 
00:21:00 - Break
00:22:40 - Pokémon GO Fest Recap
01:32:40 - Poltchageist
01:40:30 - Post Credits  


Your Favorite Pokémon Isn't Good Enough

Pokémon Cafe Remix gets a popular character added to the game. Both Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y are now in Pokémon UNITE. Mega Rayquaza comes to Pokémon GO for everyone this weekend for the Global GO Fest. Pokémon Sleep gets its first event on August 30th. The next TCG set comes this November. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:04:10 - Pokémon Sleep Updates
00:12:00 - Mewtwo XY in UNITE 
00:32:00 - Break
00:35:20 - Thoughts on Café Remix  
00:45:40 - Mewtwo Prep for Scarlet/Violet 
00:55:10 - Mega Rayquaza in GO 
01:08:10 - Paradox Rift TCG Set

DLC Release Date and Worlds Recap

We got a Pokémon presents giving us the release date of the first DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. We also are getting a free Mew to use against the battle with the upcoming 7-Star Tera Raid Mewtwo. Recap of Pokémon Worlds and what it was like to be there in person with all the events. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:04:30 - Get Mew and Mewtwo Event
00:09:20 - Hidden Treasure DLC Release Date
00:16:00 - New Pokémon
00:28:20 - Anime Update
00:33:10 - New Worlds TCG Promo 
00:51:20 - Break
00:54:20 - Pokémon Worlds 2...

Review of Osaka Pokémon GO Fest

Week 3 of Pokémon Sleep talk! After spending 3 days in Osaka, we talk about how Pokémon GO Fest was compared to past events. There is also a Pokémon Presents happening this week, so we talk about what that could or could not include. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:00 - Pokémon Sleep
00:16:00 - Pokémon Presents Soon
00:35:20 - Break
00:38:40 - Pokémon GO Fest Osaka 
01:31:40 - Post Credits  


Pokémon Sleep is Still Good

Week 2 of Pokémon Sleep is here and we're still playing it and still talking about it! What we like and don't like so far about Sleep and who spent money on it. The 7-Star Rillaboom came and went and we talk about how we felt about the Raid and if the outlook for Raiding this Summer seems bleak. LA is getting a free Pokémon exhibit with Japanese inspired art. Pokémon cards are coming back to McDonald's! 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:05:00 - Pokémon Sleep
00:36:30 - Break
00:38:40 - Rillaboom Raids
01:03:00 - LA Art Exhibi...

Longterm Pokémon Sleep Thoughts

Pokémon Sleep is now available for download pretty much globally. After a couple nights with the game, we talk about the pros and cons of the game and if giving the game money would be worth it. There is also a couple of bugs with the game that could sour some people's experience. 2023 World Championships are around the corner and a big event at Worlds just got canceled. This adds to the already crowded event where lots of Trainers can't get into any of the side-events due to the lottery system. Comic-con goers got to see the first 10 m...

Pokémon Sleep Device & Release

As of this recording, Pokémon Sleep is rolling out in select countries. We talk about the release, early thoughts on the game, and the pricing structure compared to other sleep apps in the App Stores. The Pokémon GO++, which works with Pokémon Sleep, is now out and we talk about if it's worth buying. Pokémon is coming to Comic-con, but it might not be as exciting as you think. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:30 - Pokémon GO++
00:20:15 - Pokémon Sleep Thoughts
00:46:30 - Break
00:49:30 - Comic-Con Panel 
01:01:20 - Pokémon Forums

Pokémon Sleep is Around the Corner

Pokémon Sleep should be out this month and the Pokémon GO Plus + is coming out this Friday. We have more information about the app, including that it'll contain micro transactions. Niantic fired 230 employees and then went on to celebrate 7-years of Pokémon GO. Thoughts on NAIC and the Pokémon Center down in Ohio too! 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:15 - Pokémon Sleep
00:32:00 - Break
00:34:40 - 7 Years of Pokémon GO
01:12:50 - Delphox Raids
01:34:00 - NAIC Recap
01:59:00 - Post Credits  

📸 www.instag...

NAIC w/ Pokésports

This week we team up with PokéSports to bring you an in-person episode together! Both podcasts traveled to Ohio for the North American International Championships! We talk about the minor update to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokémon Sleep news, Detective Pikachu Returns, and what teams we are brining to the tournament. We also talk about what to expect at a National level tournament like this and travel woes. 

You can check out Pokésports podcast here:

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:07:00 - Old Tournament Stories 
00:14:00 - Our Podcasts 
00:14:30 - Shiny Gimmigh...

New Scarlet & Violet DLC Trailer, Detective Pikachu Returns

The latest Nintendo Direct gives us a brand new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer! We also get the release date for Detective Pikachu Returns after 6 years of the first game releasing. We go in depth for both these game trailers and we talk about the newly released Gimmighoul Raids that was also shown in the Nintendo Direct. Finally, we get the final arc of the Pokémon anime on Netflix this week. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:04:00 - Detective Pikachu Returns
00:24:10 - Break
00:27:10 - New SV DLC Trailer
00:59:00 - Break
01:02:10 - Gimmighoul Raids
01:25:20 - Fin...

Free Shiny Arcanine

Starting June 30th, tune in during the live broadcast of the 2023 North America International Championships to receive some  digital distributions! Team Rocket is really using inflation to their advantage, we talk about the recent clothing drop on Pokémon Center. Niantic launched a web store to save money on Pokémon GO purchases. Scarlet & Violet—151, the latest TCG set, is already selling out everywhere. 

00:00:00 - Introduction 
00:03:00 - NIAC Gifts
00:20:20 - Team Rocket Merch
00:38:20 - Break
00:40:40 - Scarlet & Violet—151
00:50:40 - Pokémon GO Web Store 
01:11:30 - New UNITE Gimmick
01:31:00 - Post Credits  

Team Rocket Collection Coming Soon

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is over and sunsetted. Unfortunately, Pokémon Trading Card Game Live isn't a good enough replacement and it's all we have. A huge 30-piece Team Rocket collection is on its way to the Pokémon Center soon. Leafeon arrives in UNITE. Pokémon GO Fest showed off new details of what the event will host. Raid events are returning to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet this weekend! 

00:00:00 - Introduction 
00:03:20 - Pokémon Trading Card Game Live
00:23:30 - Break
00:27:00 - Pokémon GO Fest Details
00:56:00 - Break
00:58:20 - Team R...

Protesting The Pokémon Company

The South Korean tournament circuit has been run so poorly this year that the top 4 Korean VGC players decided to protest The Pokémon Company and all 4 got disqualified from the event. Pokémon HOME 3.0.0 is here and not much has changed. Regulation D starts on July 1st and this will be the official format for Worlds. Pokémon GO gets a very good start to the Hidden Gems season and we cover the ZoëTwoDots interview with Niantic. 

00:00:00 - Introduction 
00:02:30 - Pokémon HOME Update
00:17:00 - Regulation D
00:32:00 - South Korea Tournaments
01:05:00 - Break...

Shadow Mewtwo, Clothing Shutdown, Cute Charmander

We talk about the pros and cons of the Shadow Mewtwo weekend! With Raids still being pumped out in Pokémon GO, it seems that Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are still on hold. We got sad news of Original Stitch closing down. Pokémon UNITE and Pokémon Masters EX both gets updates. Another 190 cards are coming, including another Charizard, with Obsidian Flames now detailed out. Finally, Pokémon HOME is around the corner. 

00:00:00 - Introduction 
00:03:30 - Shadow Mewtwo Recap
00:27:20 - No Raid Update for Pokémon SV 
00:52:00 - Break
00:55:00 - Origina...

Pokémon HOME Soon, But Lots of Bugs

Pokémon HOME got a release date, and then that release date got pulled the next day? We at least know what v3.0.0 of Pokémon HOME will have when it comes out. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet was supposed to have new Raids, but they also got pulled this weekend. Speaking of Pokémon SV, competitors in Korea and Japan ran into bugs resulting in unfair tournament results. Pokémon GO is getting the Master Ball and new Team Rocket Raids this week! 

00:00:00 - Introduction 
00:03:50 - Raids Get Pulled from Scarlet and Violet
00:17:00 - Pokémon...

Another Pokémon Fan Site Shuts Down

Chesnaught Raid recap and thoughts! Three new characters, including an all Eevee event, coming to Pokémon UNITE. One of the biggest Pokémon fan websites, The Silph Road, is closing their doors after seven years. What does that mean for the Pokémon GO Community? We go over some prep for the North American International Championships in Ohio and if you should go? 

00:02:00 - Introduction 
00:04:40 - Chesnaught Raid Recap
00:26:40 - 3 New UNITE Characters
00:37:40 - Break
00:41:10 - The Silph Road
01:05:30 - Pokémon Masters EX News 
01:10:10 - NAIC Information
01:28:00 - Post Cr...

Have You Evolved Your Larvesta

We found out the hatch rates for Larvesta and it's not... good. On top of that, Niantic sent a push notification that felt a bit insulting to players. It's been reported that Pokémon GO had a downfall in profits, but we go more in-depth about that. Pokémon Trading Card Game Live gets an official release date, but that means the sunset of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is coming. Finally, we talk about t-shirts and anime. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:04:40 - Larvesta Hatch Rates
00:14:20 - Falling Prices
00:28:30 - Break
00:32:00 - PTCG Live Relea...

The Next Three 7-Star Raids Coming for Scarlet & Violet

We know that Delphox, Chesnaught, and Rillaboom are the last 3 starters still left to come through 7-Star Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Unsure if Game Freak is waiting for the release of these three before Pokémon HOME, but we talk about possible Tera types for these three coming. Niantic finally announced Pokémon GO Fest 2023, we talk about that and the remaining events for the lackluster Rising Heroes season.

00:03:00 - Introduction 
00:05:00 - Scarlet & Violet Raid Talk
00:23:20 - Upcoming SV Events
00:34:40 - Break
00:37:00 - Interview
00:50:30 - Break
00:52:00 - Pokémon G...

Scarlet & Violet Update, Hisui and HOME

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet got updated to v1.3.0, but no performance updates were applied. We go over what did change and what didn't change. Pokémon HOME still doesn't have a date, just Spring for now, but we talk about how Hisui Pokémon would make the most sense after Regulation C is over. Speaking of VGC, the Global Challenge 3 got announced and starts very soon! Finally, we kick off the episode talking about how the Scarlet and Violet TCG sold out in Japan and how theft is happening in America. 

00:01:30 - Introduction 
00:03:40 - TCG Sold...

Random New Pokémon Debut

Pokémon Masters EX has a detective storyline happening right now with some returning favorites being featured as Sync Pairs. Pokémon UNITE gets Lapras as the latest playable character! Lapras may add new waves that UNITE needs to shake things up. The Pokémon Global Challenge II is happening very quickly with the return of Typhlosion Raids this weekend. Speaking of Typhlosion, we talk about our experience with these Raids. Finally, the Pokémon anime just randomly showed off a new Pokémon in Japan. 

00:02:30 - Introduction 
00:04:40 - Pokémon Masters EX
00:12:40 - Lapras in UNITE...

Typhlosion Coming to 7-Star Raids

Typhlosion is the final starter from Pokémon Legends to be added to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, so does this mean Pokémon HOME is around the corner? Pokémon GO raised and limited Remote Raid passes, we talk about how this might affect the future of the game. Unova Sitting Cuties have arrived on Pokémon Center, we talk about the ones you should buy or avoid. Also, some company news regarding Creatures, Inc. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:00 - Pokémon GO Woes 
00:35:45 - Break
00:39:40 - Typhlosion Coming
00:49:40 - Monster Energy vs Pokémon

The State of Pokémon UNITE

ZOINKS from the Overdunk Podcast joins Greg and Steve to talk about the current state of Pokémon UNITE. We talk about the recently added characters, updates, gameplay changes, and what Pokémon we'd like to see in the future. ZOINKS was also the Pokémon UNITE commentator for Worlds 2022. 

Find ZOINKS here: 

Enter Giveaway here:

📀 www.tikto...

New Events for Scarlet & Violet

We recap Samurott Raids, talk about the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet tournament happening, and a Cherish Ball Lechonk is here to grab! Side note, the tournament does give an exclusive in-game bag for your character. Before all of that Scarlet and Violet news, we talk about Niantic's changes to Remote Raid Passes in Pokémon GO.  

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:00 - Changes to Remote Raids Passes
0038:40 - Break
00:42:10 - GameStop Lechonk
00:46:40 - Online Competition + Backpack
00:53:00 - Pokémon TCG Symbol Update
01:04:40 - Bug Update  
01:15:00 - Post Credits  

Enter Giveawa...

New Paldea Anime, TCG, and Raids

We get the title of the new Pokémon series without Ash taking place in Paldea. Spoilers about Ash leaving and our thoughts on the future of the anime series. While the first Paldea TCG drops this week, we already know the next Pokémon TCG with Paldea cards coming later in June of 2023. Blissey Raids in Scarlet and Violet drop out of no where, we talk about those and the rare Herba Mystica drops in the game. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:05:00 - Anime Talk
00:17:40 - Next Pokémon TCG Set
00:23:40 - Break
00:28:20 - Blissey Raids...

Goodbye 3DS & Wii U Games

We recap Decidueye Raids and our thoughts on the established formula so far. The Nintendo eShop is closing on the 3DS and the Wii U, meaning hundreds of games will be unaccessible going forward. This makes Pokémon fans worried about both Bank and HOME capability with older games, since Pokémon hasn't said much since their initial statements. Ball Guy comes to Masters EX. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:05:00 - Decidueye Raids
0039:30 - Break
00:43:30 - eShop Shut Down 
00:58:30 - Judge Ban
01:06:40 - Ball Guy comes to Masters EX
01:18:20 - Post Credits  

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Worth Traveling for Pokémon Events

A bonus podcast featuring Chris from GOCast: a Pokémon GO Podcast. You can find their show here: We talk about our experience in Vegas for the Hoenn Tour. Ultimately, we answer the question of if it's worth traveling to these events. 

Scarlet & Violet Update Planned for April

Some people were not able to catch the new Paradox Pokémon with the v1.2 update, so another update is planned for April to fix this issue for these Trainers. More issues creep into Pokémon GO as Trainers couldn't catch Regidrago this weekend and the makeup day was plagued with similar issues. Detective Pikachu 2 rumors start again. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:03:00 - Can't Catch Regidrago 
00:44:20 - Break
00:48:10 - Can't Catch Paradox 
01:21:40 - Detective Pikachu 2
01:33:50 - Post Credits  


Happy International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, Hannah, Codey, and Carina talk about their experiences with Pokémon! From the Nintendo Game Boy to Pokémon GO, these women talk about growing up with Pokémon and how it currently fits into their lives. 




Scarlet & Violet are Still Broken

After a full week with the 1.2 update for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, we can confidently report that the games are still pretty broken. While some things are indeed fixed, other things like getting stuck in the Cheer menu for Raids still is a problem for a lot of players. Pokémon Sleep is coming soon, we talk about the app and the new device, the GO++. Finally, we get a pretty awesome Community Day coming to Pokémon GO later this month. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:30 - Thoughts on the 1.2 Update
00:44:50 - Break
00:50:20 - Data Loss ...

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero ​​​​​​

Pokémon Day 2023 brings up The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero ​​​​​​DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet! The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will take fans deeper into the world of Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet and consists of two different adventures—Part 1: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero: The Teal Mask, launching in fall 2023, and Part 2: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero: The Indigo Disk, releasing at a later date. We give our thoughts on this news! 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:30 - DLC Announcement
00:15:10 - The Teal Mask 
00:31:10 - Break 
00:34:40 - New Pokémon in DLC 

The Future of 7-Star Raids

7-Star Pikachu Raids showed to to celebrate the lead up of Pokémon Day. This was a very unique 7-Star Raid and sets the groundwork for what Legendary 7-Star Raids could hold if they ever arrive. Pokémon GO Hoenn Fest in Vegas thoughts compared to the Worldwide event this past weekend. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:10 - Pikachu Raids
00:17:00 - Break 
00:21:40 - Hoenn Thoughts
00:58:50 - Post Credits  

📀 ww...

Our Predictions for Pokemon Day

With the 2023 Pokémon Day around the corner, Hannah, Bobby and Steve give some predictions and talk about what games and announcements could happen this month. Pokémon Days takes place on February 27th every year! As of us recording this, we don't know if there will be a video presentation. 

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Paldea Anime Starts Soon

Play Pokémon updates their rules after the disaster that was FL regionals. The new Pokémon anime is coming this April in Japan. We find out the main character was born in Paldea. Pokémon GO Hoenn Tour will be free for Worldwide players with no extra cost and increase Shiny Pokémon for some species. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:10 - Play Pokémon Update
00:12:50 - Pokémon CD Collection
00:19:40 - Break 
00:21:40 - Pokémon Anime Updates
00:27:20 - Pokémon GO News
01:01:30 - Post Credits  


Nintendo "Hears" Us

One really great Pokémon GO event is coming and one lackluster one is coming! Nintendo Canada gives an interview talking about the issues of Scarlet and Violet. Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is sunsetting with Crown Zenith, meaning we'll have to move to Pokémon Trading Card Game Live to play the new Scarlet and Violet Standard sets. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:10 - Pokémon GO News
00:23:30 - Comfy in UNITE
00:31:30 - Break 
00:36:00 - Pokémon Trading Card Game Updates
01:00:00 - Nintendo "Hears" Us 
01:20:00 - Post Credits 

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Pokémon Sleep Update

Pokémon moves the needle on Sleep and we get some new information in regards to if it's coming soon or not. Comfy is coming to Pokémon UNITE this week and players are already concerned. We talk about Greninja Raids and compare it to Cinderace and Charizard. We also talk about the tolerance of this difficulty for some. Finally, a fish crashes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and spends money while owner is away. 

00:00:20 - Introduction 
00:02:10 - Pokémon Sleep News
00:27:00 - Comfy in UNITE
00:34:40 - Break 
00:38:30 - Greninja Recap
01:09:40 - Fish Plays...