Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery

40 Episodes

By: MHNR Network, LLC

Co-hosts Francis Iacobucci (he/him/his) and Catherine Brown (she/her/hers) explore the complexities and profound impacts of eating disorders. With insights from individuals in recovery, mental health professionals, and family members, Eating Disorders: Navigating Recovery helps break the stigma surrounding eating disorders and provides a platform for engagement and connection. The recovery journey is not linear; whether you have struggled with disordered eating for days or years, we are here to help along the way.

Live Podcast: A Sit Down with Catherine, Francis, and Liz Toland, MS, RDN
Last Saturday at 7:00 AM

Co-host's Catherine and Francis were joined by Liz Toland, RDN (bio below), at Ellwood Thompson's grocer in Richmond, Virginia for a live podcast! Acting as emcee, Catherine facilitated a poignant discussion about eating disorder treatment, recovery, body image, nutrition, and finding space to heal. The audience was able to interact and ask questions (unfortunately the internet wasn't on our side and we missed most of those questions!), and Catherine, Francis, and Liz were able to interact and respond directly with folx. It was a room full of energy and vulnerability, and an evening of important discussion. We were so thankful...

Episode 83: Emily Walton (she/hers) talks about self-disclosure as a therapist and how the therapeutic relationship can be vital in recovery

As a Certified Trauma Specialist, Emily Walton believes how important a trauma lens can be within the therapeutic relationship. In this episode, Emily shares how her relationship with her therapist and her dietitian were important in her recovery from an eating disorder, and specifically how Internal Family Systems and somatic-oriented modalities played a vital role in discovering parts of herself that needed healing. Emily also discusses the pros and cons of self-disclosure on the side of the therapist in the healing process. She is a passionate and purpose-driven graduate student on the way to becoming a therapist who has a...

Diet Culture: Healing Through Storytelling. We gave a TEDxTalk and it's time to process

Catherine and Francis were thrilled to be a part of TEDxYouth@RVA's production in Richmond, Virginia. The theme this year was "You, Me, Us, We." Every speaker's story provided a platform to connect, and the co-hosts were honored to be a part of a meaningful evening. In this special digest, Catherine and Francis share what it was like to prepare and do a TEDxTalk, and process their thoughts and feelings afterwards. It's hard telling one's own story, especially when literally the entire world has access to it. So while the experience was certainly exhilarating and rewarding, the co-hosts get vulnerable...

Episode 82: Emma Manis (she/hers) is back! She shares what recovery in transition looks like, and the complexities of the fashion industry

Emma Manis -- founder of EVOLVE -- is back with Catherine and Francis to explore the complexities of working in the fashion industry as an anti-fatphobic, anti-diet culture advocate, and what she's doing to help ensure her own emotional wellbeing as well as tearing down barriers for others. Emma also recounts what helped her stay in recovery during a significant life transition, words with which many individuals can relate. More than anything, Emma wants to remind all of us that Beauty Has No Limits. If you or anyone you know is struggling with body image concerns right now, don't miss...

Episode 81: Kelly Clark (she/hers) is an author and an advocate for mental health, and she's here to talk eating disorders, OCD, and more

We spoke with Kelly Clark, an author and advocate for mental health awareness, whose compelling story of struggle, pain, hope and recovery resonated with us deeply. Kelly has been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, which at a young age collided head on with disordered eating and body image concerns, leading to a deep need for perfection and all or nothing thinking. Her own recovery story has led her to become an advocate for others, and her professional endeavors include writing a book and creating a business dedicated to helping people smash the system that keeps them punishing themselves so they...

Episode 80: Faith Elicia (she/hers), author and advocate, talks rewriting your story and managing shame

Catherine and Francis welcome Faith Elicia, author and advocate for those experiencing eating disorder, to the podcast to discuss her journey of recovery and her book, Do You See What I See? Faith developed an eating disorder as a coping mechanism while growing up with an alcoholic parent. She discusses ways in which her eating disorder experience was not unlike having an addiction, what it was like developing eating disorder behaviors later in adulthood, and how shame intersected with her experience. Faith addresses that while treatment was helpful, buying into her own recovery is what ultimately created a more sustainable...

Episode 79: Kim Machado (she/hers), psychotherapist and trauma expert, talks the intersection of eating disorders and trauma

Catherine and Francis are excited to speak with Kim Machado, a psychotherapist and trained trauma expert, about the complex intersection of eating disorders and trauma. Kim shares how the subjective experiences of trauma impact individuals in various ways, and that many use maladaptive behaviors to tell a story of their trauma. Her approach in working with those experience trauma is empathetic, compassionate, and can be described by one of her favorite quotes from Alice in Wonderland, "when you can't look on the bright side I will sit with you in the dark." We are so appreciative of Kim's time, energy...

Special Episode: It’s National Suicide Prevention Month, and Kimberly O’Brien (she/hers), Ph.D., is here to de-stigmatize the conversation

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and in recognition of this we invited Kimberly O’Brien, Ph.D., LICSW to have a conversation about teens and suicide. Dr. O’Brien is a clinical social worker whose research focuses on the development and testing of brief interventions for suicidal teens with and without substance use and their families. An often-stigmatized topic, Dr. O’Brien helps break down walls around having conversations with young people about suicide. There are so many contributing factors which can lead young people to have thoughts of killing themselves – depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual identity, trauma, gender identity...

Episode 78: An International public and TEDx speaker and best selling author, Zoe Burnett (she/hers) is a diet culture rebel

Catherine and Francis were excited to speak with diet culture rebel and eating disorder campaigner, Zoe Burnett. Zoe is an Amazon best selling author of "inside my ed" and an international public and TEDx speaker. She brings all of that experience -- as well as her lived experience recovery from an eating disorder -- to this interview. Filled with energy, knowledge, and passion, Zoe recalls her own journey experiencing an eating disorder, being diagnosed with atypical anorexia, having the support of her husband, bashes the BMI, and gives her insights on how government policies contribute to development of poor body...

Episode 77: Maris Degener (she/hers) shares her story and the work she continues to do to advocate for peer mentorships within recovery

Catherine and Francis were thrilled to speak with Maris Degener, Manager of Peer Mentorship with Equip, a virtual eating disorder treatment for individual six to 24 years old. After recovering from anorexia nervosa as a teenager, Maris became passionate about harnessing her lived experience to support others experiencing eating disorders. Maris shared her story in the documentary “I Am Maris,” to spread the message that full recovery is possible and destigmatize talking openly about mental health experiences.

In this conversation, Maris walks the co-hosts what it was like to receive Family Based Treatment as a teenager for her eating diso...

Episode 76: Dr. Gemma Sharp (she/hers), Senior Research Fellow at Monash University shares how body image impacts our lives and so much more

Catherine and Francis welcome Dr. Gemma Sharp, Senior Research Fellow at Monash University and clinical phycologist, to the podcast. Her research focuses on understanding the causes of and developing novel treatments for body image issues and related disorders. In this conversation, Dr. Sharp shares what drove her to this important work and what about body image issues keeps her coming back to do more research, including around genital body image concerns across the gender spectrum, a fascinating topic that deepens the understanding of what influences self-perspectives. She also introduces us to KIT, an online chatbox which is designed to educate...

Episode 75: Dianna Goodman (she/hers) -- mother of Vance Goodman (Ep. 63) -- shares a parent's perspective on eating disorders and recovery

In this emotional and inspiring episode, Dianna Goodman -- mother of Vance Goodman who joined EDNR in episode 63 -- shares her experience as a mother, caretaker, and human watching a loved one struggle with an eating disorder for years. Dianna shares her pain, frustration, and joy as she recalls navigating her daughter's physical and emotional symptoms, accessing treatment (an even more daunting task 20 years ago), being told her daughter would not recover by medical professionals, her own sense of loneliness, and Vance's full recovery. This journey eventually led to Dianna opening the Carolina Resource Center for Eating Disorders, a non-profit...

Episode 74: Amy Minh Hanh Corey (she/hers) -- public speaker, ambassador, advocate -- shares her recovery story

On this episode, Catherine and Francis interview Amy Minh Hanh Corey, public speaker, writer, ambassador, entrepreneur, and advocate for individuals experiencing mental health problems who feel misunderstood. Amy demonstrates such strength and passion in her story, sharing with the co-hosts what it was like being someone experiencing mental health problems and an eating disorder in the entertainment industry and how she was able to find recovery in a world that didn’t want her to recover. Through her recovery journey, Amy has connected with her culture, practicing Buddhism to remain grounded, and helping to educate individuals across the globe – including Viet...

Episode 73: Miss Fayette County 2020, Jasmyn Cornell (she/hers), shares her motivation for the "I am S.P.A.R.K.L.E." initiative

In this episode, Francis and Catherine talk to Jasmyn Cornelle, Miss Fayette County, Georgia, 2020-21. Jasmyn talks about her experience with body dissatisfaction and her motivation for creating "I am S.P.A.R.K.L.E," an initiative focused on promoting body positivity, challenging beauty standards, and spreading awareness of eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder.

Jasmyn also shares her experience of participating in the Miss America organization and working as a journalist, and she explores ways in which people can become intelligent media consumers. She also shares her experiences volunteering for several different eating disorder organizations. <...

Episode 72: Carrie Rossiter (she/hers), eating disorder recovery and LGBTQ+ advocate, vulnerably shares her story of recovery

In this episode of the Navigating Recovery Podcast, Catherine and Francis speak with Carrie Rossiter, an eating disorder recovery and LGBTQ+ advocate. Carrie vulnerably recalls the beginnings of her eating disorder, and how a trip to Italy and previous trauma and family dynamics contributed. She works through the painful parts of her story, continually reminding us that recovery is neither linear nor perfect, and that there is always hope for recovery. She talks about her book, Diet Pills and Broke Dream – Stories I Could Not Tell, a brutally honest memoir which is comprised of pieces of her journals. Carrie’s cont...

Episode 71: Natalie Fisher (she/hers) shares her story of recovery and how she was able to create space for fun in a challenging experience

In this episode, Catherine and Francis are joined by Natalie Fisher, a junior at Grand Valley State University's Kirkhof College of Nursing. She shares her story of recovery - which began in April of 2020 -- and how social media became an outlet to speak out about her experience and connect with others in recovery or in search of recovery. In this interview, Natalie discusses what keeps her grounded and how she was able to create space for fun in her recovery, especially through her "Smash List". Natalie wants to use her voice about eating disorder recovery and mental health to...

Catherine and Francis Participate in the Science Museum of Virginia's Lunch Break Science to talk Eating Disorder Recovery

This episode of the Navigating Recovery Podcast is a little different as co-hosts Catherine and Francis participated in the Science Museum of Virginia's Lunch Break Science, a series of talks and lectures on varying topics for people to listen, learn, and connect. This is the recording of Catherine and Francis's presentation. In this talk, Francis and Catherine debunked common myths about eating disorders; interviewed each other about their own eating disorders and how they found recovery in an effort to provide insight into that experience; revealed what they've learned about eating disorder recovery from a year of conversations on their...

One Year Anniversary Episode: A collection of guest's responses to "what would you share with those seeking recovery?"

We’re excited for this special one year anniversary episode! Towards the end of nearly every episode, Francis or Catherine ask guests what words of wisdom, kindness, and hope they would offer to those seeking recovery from an eating disorder. Every response is unique to the person’s experience and every response is steeped in relatability that connects us all. The responses tell the story of recovery as a journey, not a destination. This episode is a collection of those responses to the question “what would you share with listeners who are seeking recovery?” If you are feeling stuck in recovery...

Episode 70: Our One Year Digest!

It's been a year since we began this podcast adventure! To celebrate this milestone, we take time to interview each other, sharing thoughts about what the past year has been like, how co-hosting a podcast has impacted us, and what we hope to do more of moving forward.

We're so grateful to our guests for continually inspiring and educating on this platform -- we're in awe of their vulnerability and resiliency. And to our listeners: we thank you for your continued support and communication throughout the past year.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! We...

Episode 69: Kirsten Haglund, Mental Health Advocate, and Miss America 2008, shares her recovery journey

Francis and Catherine are thrilled to welcome to the podcast Kirsten Haglund, an international speaker, mental health advocate, community relations specialist for Timberline Knolls, and Miss America 2008. In this conversation, Kirsten shares her own experience of developing an eating disorder and then finding recovery through hard work and at times difficult choices about what could and could not fit into her life.

Kirsten talks us through the experience participating in--and winning--the Miss America pageant as someone in recovery and reveals the incredible benefits she received from the experience, both through scholarships and also through the opportunity to talk...

Episode 68: Erin Welch (she/hers), RD, explores how examining lived experiences can help heal from disordered eating

Welcome to Episode 68! We are so grateful for your listenership and interest in this important topic! Today, Catherine and Francis welcome Erin Welch, a Registered Dietitian who practices with clients experiencing eating disorders through a trauma-informed, Intuitive Eating, and Health At Every Size lens. In this conversation, Erin shares how her lived experience with a rare disorder created a disordered relationship with food and nutrition, which – along with a top-notch dietetics program – inspired her work in the field. Erin and the co-hosts explore how trauma is a theme throughout many experiences with disordered eating patterns, including hers, and how clinicians work...

Episode 67: Jenna DiLossi (she/hers) and Melissa Harrison (she/hers) explore the intersection between eating disorders and OCD

Catherine and Francis are excited to welcome two guests in this episode! Dr. Jenna DiLossi, Psy.D. and Melissa Harrison, LPC, are the co-founders of the Center for Hope and Health located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Both Jenna and Melissa bring years of experience working with individuals experiencing eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorders, and other anxiety-based disorders and behaviors. In this episode, Jenna and Melissa help the co-hosts understand compulsive obsessive disorder as it is diagnostically defined and how it may present in patients, and how OCD and eating disorders intersect. Through years of training, they discuss effective...

Episode 66: Lucie Waldman (she/hers) - published author, mental health advocate, and recovered from an eating disorder - shares her story

Catherine and Francis are excited to welcome Lucie Waldman -- a self-published author of the book called the Jots of Becoming, a book of her narratives and insights after fully recovering from Anorexia Nervosa -- to the podcast. In this conversation, Lucie shares how the onset of her eating disorder symptoms differed from the mainstream narrative of eating disorders; how treatment was helpful and unhelpful; and how she is using her recovery to serve and help others experiencing eating disorders. As an ambassador with ProjectHEAL, she donates 20% of her book money to help provide financial support for those struggling to...

Episode 65: Melissa Bernstein (she/hers) of Melissa and Doug toy company gives a vulnerable account of her mental health struggles

Catherine and Francis are thrilled to welcome Melissa Bernstein to the program! Along with her husband Doug, Melissa is the Co-Founder of the toy company Melissa & Doug, which has created over 5,000 children’s products and sold billions of dollars of toys since its inception. Raised by educators, Melissa and Doug started the business in their garage in 1988, and they’ve been on a mission ever since to provide open-ended, inventive, non-technologically driven playthings for young children. Throughout Melissa’s remarkable career, she kept secret her lifelong battle with severe depression and anxiety and an early life experience with an eating disord...

Episode 64: Kelly Davidson (she/hers), Registered Dietitian, talks about her role as an anti-diet dietitian in eating disorder treatment

Catherine and Francis are excited to speak with Kelly Davidson, RDN, a Nutrition Therapist working with individuals experiencing eating disorders, having done so at the inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care. Her approach towards nutrition is from a Health at Every Size® lens and she is passionate about fighting weight stigma and the negative messages of diet culture. In this episode, Kelly talks through what a RDN's role in an individual's eating disorder treatment and recovery looks like, the physiological and mental consequences of undernourishment, and how her complicated and and times harmful relationship with food and b...

Episode 63: Vance Goodman (she/hers) was told by professionals her eating disorder was chronic. She proved them wrong. This is her story.

Vance Goodman, who works as a Service Coordinator for the Council on Aging of Buncombe County, joins Catherine and Francis for a retelling of her inspiring path towards recovery from an eating disorder. Noting that the eating disorder was her trauma (and that trauma had not underpinned the eating disorder) she recalls how medical professionals eventually told her that the symptoms she was experiencing were likely to be with her for life. Discouraged but resilient, Vance eventually found the work of an eating disorder specialist who focused on rewiring the brain's neural pathways and introduced Vance to the concept of...

Episode 62: JL Keez (she/hers) shares her story and explores how Reality Therapy helped create her path in recovery

Catherine and Francis are privileged to welcome JL Keez to the podcast. JL – who resides in Adeliade, Australia – provides a vulnerable recollection of her nine-year lived experience with an eating disorder and how it took many years to find the right path in recovery. Now, an author and therapist, JL dedicates her time and energy towards helping and advocating for those experiencing eating disorders. She recently wrote a book, “Anorexia Unlocked: Understanding Your Story Through Mine” with the intention of making it easier for those who wish to share their stories to do so. As a therapist, JL practices Reality Therapy...

Episode 61: Jason Shiers (he/him) is a certified transformative coach and psychotherapist working with eating disorders and addiction

Catherine and Francis are excited to welcome Jason Shiers, a Certified Transformative Coach & Certified Psychotherapist who has been working with addictions and mental health for over 20 years in evolving ways, to the program. After his own recovery started 25 years ago in 12 steps, he had been searching for something different, following the path to a degree in transactional analysis, a psychodynamic theory of how people work, he found he was still not happy.

After a chance encounter, Jason found the work of another transformative coach which changed his life in unrecognizable ways. He has been teaching and sharing the...

Episode 60 Jenn Hicks (she/hers), Nia Instructor, shares her story of healing that was ignited through joyful movement

We are so excited to welcome Jenn Hicks, a Nia instructor who also runs a private practice in Speech-Language Pathology, specializing in acquired brain injury, to the podcast. Nia is a holistic movement and wellness practice addressing each aspect of one’s life, including body, mind, and soul, and is a practice Jenn has been teaching Nia through a body/fat positivity and Health At Every Size lens ever since recovering from her eating disorder and exercise addiction. During the interview, Jenn speaks to the importance of changing our perspective from “no pain no gain” to one that allows to align...

Episode 59: Kristie Amadio (she/hers), Certified Eating Disorders Coach and founder of Recovered Living, shares her story of recovery

EDNR is thrilled to introduce Kristie Amadio, Certified Eating Disorders Coach and founder of Recovered Living, an eating disorder recovery coaching company in the United States. As with every aspect of her life, Kristie brings forth a one-of-kind, irrepressible enthusiasm and candid honesty – the foundation which forms the basis of Kristie’s essence. She is a former elite athlete who experienced an eating disorder and body dysmorphic disorder for 14 years before finding full recovery. She trained and worked as a counselor in both Australia and New Zealand before starting Recovered Living, an online recovery coaching service as well as having 24/7 live...

This Week's Digest: We have some news!

It’s a quick digest today, folx! We’re excited to announce some changes to our current format and hope these changes make it easier for you to listen at your convenience.

•We are no longer breaking up longer episodes into more than one part. We’ll post the whole conversation, and you decide how much you want to listen to at one time.
•Our “digests” (reflections on conversations with guests) will be wrapped into each episode rather than being posted separately.
•We’ll be posting one episode each Saturday to streamline our process (starting next Saturday!).

Episode 58: This Week's Digest

On This Week's Digest, Catherine and Francis explore themes that were relatable from their conversation with Kristina Bruce, Certified Body Trust Provider. Francis reflected on how it is important for folx experiencing body image dissatisfaction to meet themselves where they are, and to take a more neutral approach towards their body image. He discusses how, for him, body image dissatisfaction was present before, during, and after his eating disorder experience. Catherine shares how her lived experience with body image dissatisfaction was different, and that during the throes of her eating disorder experience, the behaviors were more related to control than...

Episode 57, Part 2: Kristina Bruce shares her insights on how social media and cognitive reframing can help change body image perceptions

Part 2 of our conversation with Kristina Bruce, Certified body trust® Provider and Integrative Life Coach, is here and full of profound insight and hope. Kristina talks about how social media has become a space to fight back against the “diet culture spell”, as Kristina puts it, allowing people to connect and view bodies that look like theirs, have abilities like theirs, and detach themselves from the normative bodies often seen in typical media platforms. Finally, Kristina shares her wisdom for folx experiencing body image dissatisfaction and how to create space to perceive your body differently, and from a more neutral persp...

Episode 57, Part 1: Kristina Bruce (she/hers), certified body trust provider and integrative Life Coach, joins the podcast

Kristina Bruce, a certified body trust® provider and integrative Life Coach, joins the podcast to talk about her work helping clients develop positive relationships with their bodies without dieting or focusing on weight loss. Kristina specializes in working with individuals on accepting and trusting their bodies and brings this expertise and experience to the programs. She takes time to delineate between the various terminology around body acceptance, including body neutrality, fat activism, and body positivity, and how individuals experiencing shame or self-hatred about their bodies can become a part of these movements and gain freedom in their lives.


Episode 56: This Week's Digest

Catherine and Francis reflect on their conversation with Rebecca Eyre, CEO of ProjectHEAL, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals experiencing eating disorders access treatment. The co-host's comment on Rebecca's view that most of the country is experiencing some degree of disordered eating, maintained by deeply rooted fatphobic, racist, and ableist beliefs about body, food, weight, and health. It's important to continually acknowledge our own bias, and more, take meaningful action to address them. It was a pleasure to speak with and reflect on the conversation with someone who does that exactly. More more information about ProjectHEAL please visit www...

Episode 55, Part 2: Rebecca Eyre, CEO, ProjectHEAL, talks mental health parity and provides wisdom for those looking for recovery

Catherine and Francis wrap up their interview with Rebecca Eyre, CEO of ProjectHEAL, in what has been an insightful, powerful, and educational discussion. Part 2 features Rebecca talking about mental health parity from the perspective of a provider, non-profit leader, and person with lived experience, highlighting the importance of underserved and marginalized individuals receiving equitable care for their eating disorder experiences. Rebecca shares her wisdom for those searching for recovery, believing that all people deserve recovery and that full recovery is possible. It was such a pleasure to speak with Rebecca, and if you are interested in finding out more information...

Episode 55, Part 1: Rebecca Eyre (she/hers), CEO of ProjectHEAL, talks barriers and access to treatment, mental health parity, and inclusion

In this episode, Catherine and Francis welcome Rebecca Eyre, CEO of ProjectHEAL, a nonprofit organization focused on equitable treatment access for eating disorders. Rebecca brings a deep understanding and insight into the world of eating disorder treatment, having navigated the field as a clinician, advocate, nonprofit leadership positions, and through lived experience. Anchoring Rebecca’s passion for this work is her belief in the universal potential for full recovery from eating disorders. Her lived experience includes close relationships with loved ones struggling with eating disorders - some of whom recovered and some of whom did not - and seeing firsthand wh...

Episode 54: This Week's Digest

Catherine and Francis reflect on their conversation with Lynn, Giva, Chris, and Marissa from ANAD -- both the non-profits executive leadership and the mentorship program. The co-host consider how connection and support with someone with lived experience can be especially helpful for those experiencing eating disorders -- being heard in a nonjudgemental way is so important!

If you or a loved one are looking for additional support in your recovery, reach out to and ask about their various programs. You got this!

Episode 53, Part 2: Chris (she/hers) and Marissa (she/hers) open up about being in a recovery mentor and mentee relationship

In this episode, Catherine and Francis speak with Chris and Marissa about their participation in ANAD's mentorship program. Chris -- the mentor -- shares her path through her eating disorder experience towards recovery, and reflects on how she has gained so much in her relationship with Marissa. Marissa -- the mentee -- offers a vulnerable and empowering reflection on her own path towards recovery, offering insight into the ups and downs of her eating disorder experience. What an honor and privilege it was to speak with these two remarkable individuals!

For more resources and information about ANAD and...

Episode 53, Part 1: Lynn Slawsky (she/hers) and Giva Ann Wilkerson (she/hers) share how ANAD helps those impacted by eating disorders

In this episode, Francis and Catherine are happy to welcome Lynn Slawsky, Executive Director, and Giva Ann Wilkerson, Program Director of ANAD (National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders). Lynn and Giva both describe their own experiences finding recovery from eating disorders, and they outline the many ways ANAD enhances treatment and facilitates recovery with programs like peer mentorship, support groups, and grocery buddies. The conversation concludes with Giva and Lynn's advice for listeners trying to find recovery.

We are grateful for the time Lynn and Giva took to share their experiences and work with us, and we...