Illuminating the Disconnect

18 Episodes

By: Steve Allat

Shedding light on the origin of, manifestation of and proliferation of the ego in the human species. Defining the ego's use, misuse, identification and processes that will allow our species to live in the moment – which means experiencing life as it is, while being a responsible species within the field of life on this planet.

Authority, figures
Last Saturday at 9:15 AM

There is always authority in life, but how we feel about ourselves and how we are succeeding as a species is reflective of which level we are living through.

I break down levels of authority and how they contribute to the feeling of being a human life, as connected to self and life around.

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Learning from ET! Eckhart Tolle that is.
Last Friday at 3:48 AM

The other ET may have wanted to 'phone home', and in a way this is what i did learn from Eckhart Tolle - to phone into my home base, the consciousness of my being.

I relate my experiences of reading The Power of Now, doing certain practices and eventually letting go of thought.

Certainly a prime examplar along the way, I hold the words Eckhart uses in high regard with respect to being able to relate this simple universal truth to us.

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The State of Things
Last Wednesday at 11:04 PM

Connecting what we are capable of thinking and feeling about the world around us, as differentiated from society and the self.

We are not the world, but we are ourselves and we have a responsibility to life around us to be our best, most aware authentic self.

Healthy systems are borne out of Healthy components. And it feels good to be healthy component, irregardless of the bigger picture.

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Neil Peart and Life . . . a slow rush through time

Talking about a man who passed on this day in 2020, leaving with us a legacy of life experiences shared, music and words transmitted and life lessons we can relate to.

I share my thoughts on what he meant to me and to many of us, how deeply his life experiences were reflected in his life and the honesty of it all. I know he tried his best, and succeeded on many levels.

Thanks Neil, for being a lovely exemplar of a human . . . being.

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Open Awareness

Trusting knowing who we are at a base level, prior to thought being engaged.

How did we lose this awareness as a species, as individuals and how do we know it again, for once . . . and for all.

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Mental Health Matters: Anxiety and Identity

Getting to know one's self, TRULY know one's self is beyond thinking.

It is a feeling, and any connection to thinking it can and will have the side effect of anxiety for most of us.

Here I explore my story and the universal feeling of being that comes from knowing what we are, and within that who we each are.

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Story Time: Meeting Ozzy Osbourne

Story Time!

One of many somewhat mystical, synchronistic experiences I've had and wish to tell, so you can see how just being yourself pays off.

And a song I wrote about it, to cap it off!


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Keeping Life Light

We are light, at a foundational level.

And this life is thus a seriously unserious experience.

The serious part - knowing and being thy self.

The unserious part - how we express it, individually and collectively.

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How to Kill Your 'Self', Without Dying

More of what I experienced in 2014, because it was very unique within the stories of awakening, with a very useful and deep insight into the disconnect between thinking and fully being.

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Words, Feelings and Mental Health Connections

More thoughts and feeings about . . . thoughts and feelings.

How we get to be disconnected from our feeling self, how the mind words and is thus in the way when it is not being watched, and used, by the YOU that is beyond it.

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Origin of Language and Levels of Words

Ever since we evolved a very complex system of self-conscious thought, and corresponding ego, humans have identified things as well as themselves with language and words as non-feeling things.

This is very big part of society's challenges with dealing with life, one another and knowing how to feel fully human at a base level.

These insights provided from a base consciousness level, will help to clarify how we think about the life around us and within us, and discern the difference between words and meaning in order to connect more fully and directly with...

Music In Life and a song

It is said that music is the first iteration of creation, being the very source vibration of any movement.

Music, in so many forms, means a lot to us - from making it to listening to it.

This is a quick overview of music I am connected to, my inner musical journey and a song I wrote years ago with a friend and associate.

It was actually selected as a top 10 finalist for the Tipperary Peace Song contest that year, but I didn't choose to travel there to perform it and thus...

Meditative Being

An overview of becoming a meditative, integrated being . . . by being YOU, beyond the necessity of mind.

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What We Are

In contemplating human origins, and going beyond 'who' I am, I have come to realize the 'what' we are that explains how we evolved into a complex and ego-based self-consciousness.

Knowing this can set us free, to connect more authentically and responsibly together, each of us living our 'who' to it's fullest potential.

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Life is simple

Getting to the heart of the matter, the heart of YOUR matter leads to an inner knowing that simplifies the moment, life processes.

Despite living in a complex universe, complex body and life systems on Earth we can know our place, our part and live this experience from a deep place, a simple place.

The connective tissue of the universe - consciousness, heart, where efficiency of being are one and the same.

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The Feeling of Being

Life IS a feeling, and so I explain just what a feeling is.

Where feelings come from, how they are felt and how we can know our connection to feelings to enjoy who and what we are in this life.

Origin of Ego in the Human Mind

After an insightful transcendent experience in 2014, I contemplated perhaps how our self-conscious mind arose and ego within that.

Here are some thoughts.

There will be more episodes going into more depth and explanation.

Introducing Steve Allat and Illuminating the Disconnect

Hello friends, thanks for listening as I begin telling all the true stories that have made up a life, one being now lived consciously and with deep love and reverence for life.