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A podcast talking everything property and in-between with Josh Jenkins and Chris Jaap. We have prepared a range of exclusive content and got some really interesting guests lined up, so make sure you hit subscribe to not miss out on any future episodes!2 first episodes coming 24th May!!

Raising finance with James Armstrong
Last Monday at 1:00 AM

In this year alone, James and his company has been involved with £50M worth of development and in this weeks episode Josh and Chris have welcomed James into the studio discussing all the details around raising finance. This includes some brilliant stories about an unforeseen trip to Tesco and flights (!) to visit sites.  Enjoy!

Set and forget with BTL

In this weeks episode Chris and Josh are talking all things Buy To Let and how you can get your BTL portfolio started or improve your systems in place! As always they are answering questions from you guys. 

Finding JV Partners

In this week’s episode Chris and Josh are talking about all the details around finding JV partners. What should you expect, why is checking credibility so important? They’re also sharing some of their own stories and as always answering questions from you guys!

How to replace your income quickly

For many investors, the goal is to replace their current income, so they can quit the day job and become a full time investor. But how do you take the first step, where do you start and how do you replace that income quickly? Chris and Josh are sharing their tips and thoughts and as always questions are answered at the end of the episode. 

How to set up a HMO

In this weeks episode Josh and Chris are taking you through all the details around setting up a HMO. How do you set it up, what do you need to think about, and is magnolia really the best colour to choose for your wall paint? Grab a pen and paper and enjoy! 

How to attract investors

In this weeks episode Josh and Chris are talking about how to attract investors. Where and how do you find them and most importantly, how do you present yourself when you're approaching investors?

We are also CELEBRATING being ranked number 75 of all investing podcasts in the UK on Apple Podcast. This is the final episode that is recorded remotely as from next week, both the pals will be back in the studio :D Enjoy listening, and as always, if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!

Where should I invest?

Choices, choices everywhere.. In this weeks episode Josh and Chris are talking all about where you should invest in property. Whilst Josh is back in the studio in Chester, Chris is talking to you directly from a log cabin in rural Norway. 

How to build a R2R business

In this week’s episode Josh and Chris are taking you through all the details around setting up a R2R business and how to make it successful.  What systems do you need to put in place, how do you approach the landlords and where do you find them in the first place? Most importantly this episode includes some great tips on the finer details that make you stand out to the landlords. 

Rebecca Murray & David Taylor: How to balance property investing and running successful businesses

In this weeks episode, we have invited David Taylor and Rebecca Murray to the studio. They are talking us through the key points of running a successful business alongside investing in property.  They are also sharing their hints, tips, do's and don'ts on forming a JV as well as sharing some really interesting case studies. We know a lot of people have been looking forward to this episode, so we hope you enjoy!  




Celebrating the wins and learning from the losses

This weeks episode is all about celebrating the wins and learning from the losses. It might seem obvious to celebrate the wins, but how often do we allow ourselves to celebrate, and what and when should we really be celebrating? There's no hiding that being in the property business can sometimes make you feel bogged down, but the importance of knowing how to overcome the challenges and learning from your misstakes is equally as important as celebrating the wins. This is an episode that is close to our heart. Happy listening!

Creative Deal Structuring with Michelle Cairns

In this weeks episode, we are welcoming Michelle Cairns to the studio who's talking to us about creative deal structuring and creative financing. With extensive knowledge in property, Michelle is dropping some brilliant golden nuggets and tips alongside sharing some really impressive case studies. 

Johnny Burnham: Investing using SSAS pension funds

"Have you ever checked your pension statement?" that's the first question Johnny Burnham asks in this episode of Property Pals Podcast. Investing using SSAS pension funds might not be the most heard of strategy in the property investing business, however the benefits are phenomenal. As always we put out some feelers to the audience prior to the episode and Johnny has answered the questions from you.  

Connect with Johnny Burnham on:


LinkedIn: Johnny Burnham

Serviced Accommodation; Brilliant case studies and horror stories

In this weeks episode Josh and Chris are taking you through the basics and some more in-depth details of Serviced Accommodation including some brilliant case studies, but of course the horror stories are also included. As always they are answering questions sent in from you guys.  

Commercial to Ressie with Anthony John Wilmott

Can a property deal be spotted whilst enjoying a quarter pounder in McDonalds? And should you buy a house that is so infested with rats that not even the estate agent would enter the property? This and much more is discussed as Josh and Chris are welcoming Anthony John Wilmott as their first guest in the podcast, this is an episode you don't want to miss!


In this weeks episode Josh and Chris are talking about the importance of a good power team and how it can help you in your property journey. They are also answering some great questions from listeners. 

Deal Sourcing, Co-Sourcing and an open invitation

In this weeks episode Chris and Josh are talking about all the details around Deal Sourcing and Co-Sourcing. They also share an exciting new update about their working environment with an open invitation for all the listeners. 

Property Acronyms - What do they all mean?

BRRR, B2L, HMO, SA, R2R, D2V, R2SA, SDLT... No it's not a random game of Scrabble, but it can certainly feel like it when trying to understand the different terms and expressions in the Property Business. In this weeks episode, Chris and Josh are taking you through all the important acronyms and what they mean!

Strategy, strategy, strategy...

Starting out in property can feel like being thrown in the deep end, there are x amount of strategies, which one do you pick? In this episode Chris and Josh are taking you through the different strategies and what to think of when deciding what is right for you!

Everybody gotta start somewhere

In this very first podcast episodes Chris and Josh are discussing ways to get into property investing, including their own stories. 

Property Pals Podcast Trailer

Josh Jenkins and Chris Jaap have years of experience within property investing and as current business partners, they wish to share their knowledge and the many stories on the way. This podcast is for anyone that are already in the property business and for those who wants to learn more to get started. There are also a list of interesting guests already lined up. 

First 2 episodes published on 24th May, so make sure you hit subscribe to not miss out!