Kingdom Switch

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By: Trish Jones

Let's abandon religion! And talk about Kingdom and what Jesus meant when He said "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you." ~ Matthew 6:33. In Kingdom Switch, Trish talks about what it means to bring God's culture or Kingdom of God from heaven to earth. You'll get a refreshing insight into God's design for us to have fulfilment without frustration, wealth without worry, prosperity without pressure. God has already provided for us, but we keep getting our priorities all wrong and living below God's designed lifestyle for us. It's time for...

0001: Kingdom Switch Podcast - Intro Episode
Last Wednesday at 1:00 AM

Let's talk about the Kingdom of God, the benefits of living in that kingdom and the positive impact this will have on your life and business.

This is the introduction to this new podcast and I share:

What Kingdom Switch is all aboutHow the year 2020 influenced my decision to start this podcastHow that scripture from Matthew 6:33 started influencing my life as a teenWhy Kingdom focus is so importantHow to stop the struggle! - Check out the dedicated Kingdom Switch page on my website