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Behold Your God/Week 9/The Way Back Home
Last Thursday at 1:53 PM

Ever experienced a dry spell spiritually? Sometimes we find ourselves in this place from no fault of our own. In todays lesson we will look at Isaiah 49-55 to see how placing our trust in God's ability to move in work in our place of suffering helps us find light in the darkness.

Behold Your God/ Week 8/ Isaiah 40-48

In this session we continue to see the weave of God's lavish grace towards those who do not deserve it; the continued patience of a good God. In our increasingly polarized culture, we can see through this text how we as Christ-followers can reflect His quiet, unaggressive, tender ministry to the world in which we live.

Behold Your God/ Week 7 / Isaiah 36-39

God always shows up. God always comes through. God responds to the prayers of His people, in fact, prayer is how the plans of God happen. Today's podcast will show us God's plans don't fail.

Behold Your God / Week Six ? Isaiah 28-35

When we experience fear we are tempted to run to places of refuge and may times we choose things other than the place of refuge God provides. This week we see how God is the better refuge.

Behold Your God/ Week 5/Isaiah 13-27

We can frame what we see going on in the world around us through the lens of who God is and throne on which He rules and reigns. We often loose sight that God is sovereign over the rise and fall of nations.

Behold/Week 4/Isaiah 7-12

The "enoughness" of God... When we find ourselves in a crisis of faith will we trust Him? Will we believe Him? Today's passages hold the answer.

Behold Your God/ Week Three? Isaiah 6

What if my thoughts about God are too small? Join us this week as we see how mighty our God is in the pages of Isaiah Chapter 6. We will be encouraged that His plans NEVER fail!

Behold Your God/ Week Two/ "Sin-sick"

This session we take a look at Isaiah chapters 1-5. We will look at the nature of sin and the consequence of judgement that follows yet immediately see the redemption of God to follow. We will consider the spacial imagery in the passage to see that God alone should be high and exalted but the leaders instead exalted themselves, demoting God. This kind of pride is a temptation for us all. How do we cultivate hearts of humility that keep God in His rightful place? Listen and be encouraged.

Behold Your God | Week One | A Study of Isaiah

This week we look at why Isaiah matters. We will overview the Old Testament storyline and look closely at the "big picture" of Jesus and the story of redemption beginning in Genesis.

Choose Brave | Week Six | Brave to Put God First

When we choose to put God first in our lives and pursue living a life that honors Him, a lost world around us see’s Jesus in us.  We become a walking, breathing testimony of the goodness and faithfulness of God. This last week we will be challenged to let nothing else come before our relationship with Jesus and to pursue im with our full attention. Journaling Pages 125-145

Choose Brave | Week Five | Brave in the Midst of Loss

We were made for community. This week we will look at how God has called each one of us to use the talents He has uniquely gifted us with to encourage one another and to love others well. Journaling Pages 105-123

Choose Brave | Week Four | Brave in the Midst of Loss

We live in a broken world where hurt, temptations, and trials are inevitable.  This week we will be encouraged to press into Jesus during times where we feel weak and allow Him to strengthen us to walk forward victoriously in our faith. Journaling Pages 85-103

Choose Brave | Week Three | Brave in the Face of Persecution

Standing firm on truth in the culture in which we live is challenging and many times leads to negative consequences we were not expecting.  This week we are focusing our attention on finding the courage to speak truth in a world with blurred lines.  We will see how we can choose to trust God despite our circumstances which leave us feeling discouraged. Journaling Pages 65-83

Choose Brave | Week Two | Brave to Fear God Over Man

This week of study we are going to gain insight on the holiness of God and power of God and how we, as His children, have that same power dwelling within us.  We will look at how we can find our rest in Jesus when we choose to obey Him. Journaling Pages 45-63

Choose Brave | Week One | Brave to Fight the Good Fight

There is a battle raging all around us tying to cause confusion and fear.  How can we choose to be brave to choose love instead of hate, choose to live in faith rather than fear when facing the unexpected, and to live counter-culturally living bravely through the light of God’s Word and what He says about us?  Join us this first week of study as we see how we can victoriously fight the good fight by putting on the armor He graciously provides. Journaling pages 17-43

You Choose: Finding Truth in a Multiple Choice World

Choices. We make hundreds of them everyday. From the time our alarm clocks go off in the morning until we crash in bed that night, we are faced with countless decisions. We need God's wisdom so we know how to make the right choices in our relationships, employment, or a particular path to follow. We can trust God over our emotions and the circumstances in our lives. By seeking God in prayer, in His Word, and through others He has placed in community around us we can actively choose truth and live victoriously!

SHE: No Longer Any Curse

All that is broken in us and around will one day be restored and made whole forever. Here’s the file link for podcast notes: (

SHE: Fellow Heirs of the Grace of Life

To the original audience, the New Testament's instructions to wives were seen as affirming and empowering. While cultural context has changed dramatically, the affirmation of a woman's worth remains. Listening Guide: (

SHE: Daughter, Your Faith Has Saved You

Women were not an interruption to Jesus' ministry. In many ways, they were the support and substance of it. (

SHE: Be Quiet My Sister

The Bible does not turn a blind eye to the abuse of women because God does not turn a blind eye to the abuse of women. In His justice, He avenges the oppression. In His love, He heals and restores the victim. In His Son, He absorbs all the shame. Listening Guide: (

SHE: They Knew They Were Naked

It’s hard to think of a biblical passage that’s done more damage to the concept of a woman’s worth than Genesis 3. The entire demise of mankind happened because a man listened to his wife, or so the story goes. But is this really what Genesis 3 says? Are women really more gullible and prone to deception than men? Are we really more at fault for the fall of mankind? The answer to all of these questions is an emphatic “no.” In fact, it’s here in Genesis 3 that we see God’s plan to redeem...

SHE: Not Good

There was only one thing that God deemed “not good” about His creation: the man was all alone. God could have given Adam a brother, or a whole team of men, for that matter. But he didn’t. He crafted a woman, and the words of Genesis 2 make it ever-so-clear that He did so for reasons far beyond procreation. She was – and still is – essential to His mission in the world. Download the listening Guide Here:

SHE: In the Image of God

For most of us growing up in more conservative church circles, there’s a lot of talk about the differences between men and women, and for good reason! But did you know that the Bible actually opens with what men and women have in common, how they are the same? We share a name – mankind, a nature – made in the image of God, and a mission – to rule, subdue, and fill the earth. Genesis 1:26-30 is exactly what you’d expect to find if the God of the Bible values women as much as men. Indeed, He...

Intro: "SHE" The Worth of Women in the Storyline of the Bible

Teacher and Author, Aprile Sweers, kicks off a brand new women's study entitled, She: The Worth of Women in the Storyline of the Bible. In this study, we will journey through the storyline of the Bible with eyes wide open to the intrinsic worth of women, created in God’s image and essential to His mission in the world. What is the essence of biblical womanhood? What does the Bible have to say about the objectification and abuse of women? What do we do with those Old Testament laws and New Testament restrictions that seem so demeaning to women? What do...

Welcome to the Bell Shoals Women Podcast

Welcome to the Bell Shoals Women Podcast by Bell Shoals Church in Tampa, Fl. We would like to invite you to be a part of a community of women from all stages of life who are looking for honest conversations about the truth of God’s Word. This podcast will cover a range of topics and studies and will be led by amazing Bible teachers from all around our community. We hope you take this opportunity to take the next step in your spiritual journey and connect with other women like yourself along the way. If you would like to co...