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Splice celebrates the transformation of media in Asia. This podcast features conversations with people across the global media ecosystem: media startup founders, tech, data and design folks, investors, journalists, media development funders and donors, product managers, and academics. Hosted and produced by Rishad Patel and Alan Soon.

Jom's Sudhir Vadaketh talks about a sea change in Singapore's media startup landscape
Last Wednesday at 2:06 PM

Jom has been on the Singapore media scene for less than five months. The digital magazine, as its co-founder Sudhir Vadaketh explains, is trying to fill a unique position in explaining Singapore through a critical eye to both local and foreign audiences. Perhaps more interestingly, it's on the scene at a time when government agencies are more open to engaging with small and independent media startups.

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Newsreel Asia's Anupama Chandrasekaran on building documentary stories in audio

Anupama Chandrasekaran is an audio documentary producer at Newsreel Asia, based in Chennai. She specialises in sound-rich, character-driven audio stories. Anupama has worked across newsrooms in Mumbai, New York, Hong Kong, and Chennai. We spoke about the opportunities behind audio stories and the challenges of building a documentary business -- and how her work is framed by her experience as an economics teacher.

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Project Multatuli’s Devina Heriyanto on running a membership program with empathy and curiosity

Devina Heriyanto is the membership manager at Project Multatuli, a public service journalism collective in Indonesia.

In this Splice Pink episode, we spoke with Devina shortly after we met her at Splice Beta in Chiang Mai in November 2022. She talked us through the intricacies of bringing ‘depressing’ reporting around marginalised peoples to a community that supports Project M’s mission. 

We got a sense of that mission when we asked Devina to describe their core members. “It's people like me,” she replied. “People who have empathy, people who have intellectual curiosity, humility, and [with] solidarity to support th...

BackScoop's Amanda Cua on what makes a creator different from a journalist

What makes a creator different from a journalist?

On our latest Splice Pink episode, we spoke with Amanda Cua, a newsletter media creator in the Philippines. Her daily email — BackScoop — keeps you updated on the top stories in tech and business in Southeast Asia.

She doesn’t call herself a journalist. “One big focus I have is distribution. And I don’t think that most journalists have that in their job description. How do I get this to more people? What kind of platform should I be using?”

Listen to this episode — it’s full of great...

Myanmar's exiled media finds a home in Chiang Mai

Myanmar's media, fleeing the military's crackdown on journalists, have found a new home in Chiang Mai. Over the past year, parts of the media ecosystem — journalists, newsrooms, funders — have re-established their operations the northern Thai city.

The creation of this new hub represents an important milestone for this region. For the first time, we're seeing an ecosystem built around media startups coming together in Southeast Asia.

Splice's co-founder Alan Soon was on a road trip with Sonny Swe, the CEO and founder of Frontier Myanmar. They talked about how Frontier made the move, and what's in s...

Coconuts turns 10... and it's finally profitable

Coconuts just turned 10. The online publisher, which puts out city guides across Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bali, and Yangon, has been pushing forward into new formats such as broadcast and streaming platforms.

We spoke with Byron Perry, the founder and CEO of Coconuts about the decade of lessons he's had in building one of Asia's most recognizable media startups. They're finally making a profit this year.

We picked his brains about fund raising, branding, expansion strategies, and growing talent.

And Byron, congrats again on becoming a dad. :)


MAEKAN's Eugene Kan on building media products for subcultures and fans

Eugene Kan co-founded MAEKAN in 2016 in Hong Kong after leaving Hypebeast where he was the editorial director. MAEKAN's goal is to celebrate creative culture, and it does that through articles, podcasts, and more recently, an e-commerce store. We talked with Eugene about the changing subculture lifestyle market, and the media and fans who support it.

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Announcing the School of Splice, a training program for media startups

The School of Splice is coming together! It's everything you need to build a media startup today. It's all audio, and packs insights from all around this wonderful Splice community. Knowledge, network, funding -- all in one place.

The program rolls out next month. Find out more here.

Playlogue's Simon Vincent on lessons from the world of games

In this episode, we're talking with Simon Vincent, a journalist-turned-game-developer. Simon is a content strategist at Playlogue, a game development services team based in Singapore. He talks about the lessons he's learned about the transformation of media from what began as a board game.

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FactorDaily's Pankaj Mishra on pivoting to non-profit, and throwing out the media playbook

Five years in, FactorDaily pivoted to a non-profit entity this year. Its cofounder Pankaj Mishra figured the change would allow him the freedom to stay closer to mission: "To make sense of technology’s impact on the society around us."

"No ads. No paywalls. No venture capital funding," Pankaj proclaims on the website. That means some hard decisions on building new business models in an incredibly tough space.

One more thing: Pankaj has also demolished the traditional news cycle. He and his team will only publish when there's a story.

FactorDaily is the an...

5 steps towards change management in newsrooms

How do you introduce change into a newsroom? Jane Mahoney of Private Media in Melbourne, Australia, has a five-step plan. 

What problem are you solving?  Educate everyone, make sure they understand the products you're bringing in.  Empower everyone, make sure they understand their place in the business and how they can help drive everyone towards success. Have some goals in place to actually measure what success looks like.  Create a team of advocates

Hosted and produced by Rishad Patel, co-founder of Splice

Here are the three golden rules on how to market a news subscription product

We've been following Jane Mahoney over the past couple of weeks as she sets up her new reader revenue team at Private Media in Australia. 

This week, she talks about how to market a news subscription product -- running campaigns, working with editorial, and testing.

Hosted and produced by Rishad Patel, co-founder of Splice.

MDIF Ventures preps $1 million fund to invest in emerging media startups

MDIF launched a $1 million fund to support early stage media startups around the world. We spoke with Mohamed Nanabhay, Deputy CEO at Media Development Investment Fund about the fund's objective, and why they're launching it now.

Hosted and produced by Alan Soon, co-founder of Splice.

How do you onboard a new hire in your reader revenue team?

Jane Mahoney is Head of Reader Revenue at Private Media in Australia, which owns the popular Crikey, Smart Co, and The Mandarin masthead. We've been following Jane over the past couple of weeks as she sets up her reader revenue team at the company. 

In this little episode, she talks about how she onboards a new hire -- it's all about getting the mindset right. Great little bits of knowledge in here.

Hosted and produced by Rishad Patel, co-founder of Splice.

Private Media's Jane Mahoney on what makes a great candidate for a reader revenue job

Jane Mahoney is Head of Reader Revenue at Private Media in Australia, which owns the popular Crikey, Smart Co, and The Mandarin mastheads.

We've been following Jane over the past couple of weeks as she sets up her reader revenue team at the company. This week, we check in on her to find out what's she's looking for in terms of talent.

Hosted and produced by Rishad Patel, co-founder of Splice.

Jane Mahoney begins the reader revenue journey with a little Reader-Rev 101, team diversity, and willingness to pay

Jane Mahoney is Head of Reader Revenue at Private Media in Australia, which owns the popular Crikey, Smart Co, and The Mandarin mastheads.

When Jane Mahoney at Private Media in Melbourne signed up for our newsletters a couple of weeks ago, she said she was about to set up a reader revenue practice for her company. Obviously I was excited and I asked if she would talk us through her journey and the process every week — a little reader revenue nerd-fest on Splice Pink.

Hosted and produced by Rishad Patel, co-founder of Splice.

Jane Mahoney takes us on a reader revenue transformation journey at Australia's Private Media

Jane Mahoney is Head of Reader Revenue at Private Media in Australia, which owns the popular Crikey, Smart Co, and The Mandarin mastheads.

This is a new role for her after four years as Associate Publisher at Crikey. Jane describes herself on LinkedIn as a “big nerd for reader-funded journalism, data-driven everything, subscription marketing and news product. Always keen to talk about journalism, country music and sport.”

We never got to country music — but we’re keen to check in to see what she’s doing on reader revenue. This is the start of what we hope wo...

Talha Ahad and Alexa Greenwald at The Centrum Media on building a viable media business in Pakistan

The Centrum Media calls itself Pakistan's first independent, digital news network. They're focused on the youth who make up 60% of the country's population. Their stories range from political news, policy analysis, social issues, human-interest stories and entertainment. But as we all know, it's challenging building a business solely on news. It's even harder in a place like Pakistan. 

We spoke with Talha Ahad, founder and CEO of The Centrum Media, and Alexa Greenwald, the company's chief of strategy about building a viable business, as well as the opportunities for product differentiation in Pakistan.

Questions you've always wanted to ask funders (but were too afraid to ask)

What is opex? Why don't funders respond to my emails? Can I buy a car? We asked funders the questions that media start-ups have always to wanted to ask, so they don't have to. In this episode, we interviewed Kevin Brockland of MDIF, Shuwei Fang of Open Society Foundations, Sasa Vucinic of North Base Media, and Helle Wahlberg of IMS. Created by Splice Media in partnership with PumaPodcast.

Introducing Splice Pink!

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