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Ep071 - Guilt Show by The Get Up Kids

After the disappointing follow up to Something To Write Home About (at least for us), we truly needed this record. Some of us might even think it's The Get Up Kids at their best. Maybe. You'll have to listen to find out.

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Ep070 - Boxcar Racer's self-titled album

Was Tom's side project the beginning of the end of blink-182? (and then another beginning...and another end of the oh jeez this is so convoluted). Or does Kyle's theory hold up that this was basically the prelude to blink's untitled album? We report, you decide.

Boxcar Racer on Spotify and Apple Music

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Ep069 - A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar by Dashboard Confessional

We decided the episode number deserved a title that was a mouthful, and boy did Dashboard Confessional deliver!

The Gil Norton produced follow up to The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most (seriously, Carrabba - do you get paid per letter in the title?) which included the electric-guitar-ified emo summer hit of 2003, Hands Down. Be prepared for gushing. Almost 2 hours worth of gushing. We like it a lot, basically.


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SNACK! Kris saw blink-182 live in Austin

Kyle and Blake live vicariously (and jealously) through Kris' blink-182 concert experience. Including how he was sitting next to the couple he sold 2 of his floor seats to for double face value so he essentially went for free. It's been a while, so we obviously get off topic too. Is blink-182 actually making an album? What's our favorite Jimmy Eat World concert experience? Is Tom the "artist" and Mark "the business guy" in the band? We really are all over the place here. Enjoy!

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Ep068 - Permission to Land by The Darkness

Is The Darkness an emo band? Absolutely not. But does their debut album qualify as one of our favorite albums of the early 2000s? Yes, absolutely. So we're going to talk about it. Because it's our podcast. And if you enjoy your face being rocked off, you should listen to it, too.

The album turns 20 this year, complete with an album tour.


Permission To Land on Apple Music and Spotify I Believe In A Thing Called Love music video Aformentioned tour dates Hot Cakes on Apple Music...

Ep067 - Chase This Light by Jimmy Eat World

We think this album is way underrated. After giving us Clarity, Bleed American, and freaking FUTURES three albums in a row, they still manage to come out swinging with Chase This Light in 2007. And if you were lucky enough to have the iTunes version, it closed with one of our favorite covers EVER (which is now on streaming services too, by the way). This band is the king of the genre, as far as we're concerned. Notes: - Chase This Light on Spotify and Apple Music - Always Be video - Take 'Em As They Come on Spotify


Ep066 - Southern Air by Yellowcard

We skip around a bit through Yellowcard's discography to 2012 for this episode. In case you're new here, all three dudes genuinely love the band and basically spend the whole time gushing about them. Our only complaint is they haven't repressed Ocean Avenue on vinyl yet. C'mon, guys!


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Ep065 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket by blink-182

Finding Emo, now in video form! We're trying a new thing and going to start releasing episodes in video form on Youtube and Spotify. Let us know your thoughts! We went out of order on blink-182 albums, but are finally getting around to discussing the band's monstrous follow up to Enema of the State. Singles "The Rock Show", "First Date", and "Stay Together For the Kids" contributed to the album selling over 15 million copies worldwide, but we love the whole dang thing. But you can hear the tension. Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker had different ideas of...

Ep064 - The Artist in the Ambulance by Thrice

Blake really hadn't listened to much Thrice (ya know, due to the screaming and him being an overall wuss), so it was fun to get a fresh first perspective. Plus Kyle picked the most screamy song clips possible. 


The Artist in the Ambulance on Spotify and Apple Music Send Me an Angel cover Thrice's full podcast series ABOUT THIS VERY ALBUM!!! Rick Rubin and Paul McArtney listen to Smash Mouth Check out our friend Anna Lee's absolutely KILLER band tour pics on Instagram

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Ep063 - Say It Like You Mean It by The Starting Line

We went out of order with The Starting Line because we love their sophomore effort so much, but went back to their debut album for this episode. We basically feel like it's a real shame we only got 3 full length albums from this band, as this album has one of the the best pop-punk songs of all time on it. 


Say It Like You Mean It on Spotify and Apple Music

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Ep062 - The Everglow by Mae

2005 was a heck of year for music, but The Everglow is hovering at the top of all of the guys' "best of" lists for that year (and maybe the decade?!). It's full of great melodies, optimistic lyrics, and works so well from front to back as an album. We wish more people loved Mae, because they deserve it. 


The Everglow on Apple Music and Spotify Mae at The Green Door video A great review Another great review of the lyrical love story

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Ep061 - Deja Entendu by Brand New

The guys have complicated feelings about Brand New, which is no surprise if you listened to the Your Favorite Weapon episode. How can they like the music so much, but dislike everyone else talking about how much they like the music? (they understand it doesn't make sense).

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Ep060 - 2022 Year End Review

Instead of talking about an album, we're talking about our favorite songs/albums we listened to in 2022. Be sure to check out the notes below for links to all the tunes! 


Playlist with all the tunes we discussed on Spotify and Apple Music  The 1975 - Being Funny In A Foreign Language on Spotify and Apple Music  The Midnight - Heroes on Spotify and Apple Music  Spanish Love Songs - Brave Faces Everyone on Spotify and Apple Music  Lights - Warehouse Summer on Spotify and Apple Music  The Story So Far - Proper Dose on Spotify and Ap...

SNACK! Interview with Chris from Shower Beers

We normally talk about really old music, but on today's snack we chat with a super fresh band - so fresh they just released their 2nd single ever this week! Kyle found the band on Reddit and invited Chris from Shower Beers to join us to talk about the tunes (one of which he believes is the first pop punk song tribute to an EDM song), how the band came about, and his prescription for America being more American Pie movies. 

Shower Beers on Spotify and Apple Music 

Shower Beers on Instagram 

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SNACK! Punk Rock Cliche single

NOFX released a tune Fat Mike originally wrote with Matt Skiba and that was recorded for blink-182's California album, but didn't end up making the cut. 

Punk Rock Cliche on Spotify and Apple Music 

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Ep059 - Homesick by A Day To Remember

This band is too gigantic for 2/3 of us to have never listened to any of their albums all the way through, so we remedy that on this episode. We realize the irony of 3 guys who don't love screaming to have a podcast about emo music, but it is what it is. 


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ep058 - Through Being Cool by Saves The Day

We're going back to Saves The Day's 1999 release for this episode. We talk about all the stuff you'd expect, including the (creepily foreshadowing) lyrical content. Here's what our faces looked like most of the time. ūüė¨

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SNACK! More blink and such

More blink-182 news! More concerts! More festivals! Catch up with us. 

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SNACK! Recent live concerts

Kyle and Blake talk about seeing Motion City Soundtrack, A Day To Remember, and The Used recently. Kris hasn't been to a concert in a bit, so he just cries in the background. 

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Ep057 - Emotion Is Dead by The Juliana Theory

This one has to be on the podium of all time emo album titles, right? The Juliana Theory undoubtedly inspired a lot of bands with their 2000 album (which wasn't released Jan 1st despite Blake seeing so on Spotify - chalk that one up to a lazy intern at Tooth & Nail maybe). The guys talk at length about this and maybe get off on a tangent or twelve. --- Support this podcast:

SNACK! Paramore's new single This Is Why

Paramore finally give us a peek into their new album scheduled to release in February 2023. We're pretty excited. 

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SNACK! State of Emo-gency - blink-182 announcement update

Well, our last snack was relevant for approximately 48 hours because as of this morning, it's official - blink-182 is back with Tom with a world tour and album in 2023. Join us as we discuss in a very special SNACK recorded pre-NINE AM! A true first for the podcast. 

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SNACK! Ok, for real - It looks like Tom is rejoining blink-182

Adding further credibility to the rumors swirling around the internet of Tom re-joining blink-182 was a since-deleted tweet from the head of rock programming for Cumulus Media saying as much, and that the trio would be doing an arena tour in 2023. The guys discuss. --- Support this podcast:

Ep056 - Page Avenue by Story of the Year

Story of the Year's debut album went platinum, y'all. So, despite Kris and Blake not having really given them a chance in the 2000s, we felt we had to do an epsiode on it. 

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SNACK! What's the best concert you went to in the 2000s?

Blake puts Kyle and Kris on the spot to think of the best concert they went to in the 2000s. It's highly probable all three guys spent the time between recording and releasing this episode kicking themselves for not including other shows. WE WERE UNDER PRESSURE! 

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SNACK! Labor Day Mixtape

Since we'll not be releasing a full album episode for Labor Day, we thought we'd put together a few songs we think you should check out. We each pick 2 old tunes, and one new(ish) one to share with each other...and you! 

Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music 

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SNACK! New Cartel singles

It's Cartel week here at Finding Emo, apparently. We talk about their new singles 17 and The End, and whether the beat in 17 should be referred to as "BLAH-ka-ka Blah-ka-ka" or "Clocks" beat. Very important stuff. 

Cartel on Spotify and Apple Music 

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Ep055 - Chroma by Cartel

Did Kris and Blake's band have anything to do with the leaking of Cartel's debut full-length album? Do we all maybe have the same notes about some not-so-great lyrics on this album? Do we think this is a solid debut album from a band that got better and better? What's the meaning of life? We answer some of these questions on this episode. --- Support this podcast:

SNACK! Dashboard and Andrew McMahon live tour stream

Dashboard Confessional and Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness are on tour together and just announced they'll be doing two live streams of upcoming shows. 


Buy streaming tickets to the Hello Gone Days tour  Andrew McMahon's new single, Stars (video)  Jukebox the Ghost/Andrew McMahon - Wasted on Spotify and Apple Music  Oh, and here's another Jukebox The Ghost tune featuring Justin Pierre from Motion City Soundtrack (Seriously, they're a fantastic band - check them out) In case you needed to know, the first streaming concert was in 1993  And here's an epic Billy Joel live performance of (i...

SNACK! Jimmy Eat World's new single "Something Loud"

The boys from AZ have a new single out. Spoiler alert: we like it. 

Something Loud on Spotify and Apple Music 

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Ep054 - The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

Buckle up because we're tackling what might be THE defining album of the genre on this episode. Between the lyrical concept, the production, the ballads, the guitar solos, and the vibraslaps there is a LOT going on on this album and we love (almost) every second of it. 


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SNACK! Kyle introduces us to Hot Mulligan

Kyle has new music from Hot Mulligan for us to check out. We may get on a tangent or 3 in the process. 

Hot Mulligan - Drink Milk And Run on Spotify and Apple Music 

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SNACK! Is Tom rejoining blink-182?!?!

Kyle fills us in on the blink-182 rumors

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Ep053 - The Used (self-titled)

We already did The Used's sophomore album, but are going in reverse to talk about their debut self-titled album because it turned 20 years old this month! Blake complains about screaming, but overall we're even more impressed with this album than we were 20 years ago. Also, we continue to lavish praise on their wonderfully talented bass player. --- Support this podcast:

SNACK! Bayside's new singles

We're trying something new! There's so much going on with these bands we talk about that we wanted to start recording and releasing little bite sized Finding Emo Snack episodes about the current goings-on in the genre. Bayside has new singles out, so that's what we talk about on the first SNACK! bonus episode. 

Bayside - Strangest Faces (Spotify , Apple Music) 

Bayside - Rainbow (Spotify , Apple Music) 

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Ep052 - Unwritten Law's self-titled

We go back to 1998 for this one, chatting about Unwritten Law's self-titled or "black" album. Also, because it's been a month since our last episode (sorry, summer vacations and all), we get off-subject more than usual because we haven't talked in a while. --- Support this podcast:

Ep051 - From Under The Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy

Let's talk about this monster of a record, ok? Fall Out Boy went multi-platinum with their 2005 sophomore effort, and we have lots of opinions. It might be the first time a song has been nominated for Nobody's Perfect by one host, and Desert Island Song by another. 


From Under The Cork Tree on Apple Music and Spotify   Fuze misheard lyrics commercial  Sugar, We're Going Down music video  --- Support this podcast:

Ep050 - Futures by Jimmy Eat World

It's our 2 year anniversary! And our 50th episode! We celebrate by talking about one of our favorites, Futures by Jimmy Eat World. Gushing ensues. Blake gets mad at online articles referencing harmonizing guitars when they're actually octaves. Kris has opinions about Night Drive. Kyle somehow brings up Hinder. It's a long one, so buckle in! --- Support this podcast:

Ep049 - Killing Time by Bayside

Did Bayside not get enough love in the 2000s? We think that might be the case. On this episode we talk about their 2011 album. --- Support this podcast:

Ep048 - We Don't Need To Whisper by Angels & Airwaves

Was there any way for the debut Angles & Airwaves album to live up to the absolutely astronomical (see what we did there?) expectations set by Tom DeLonge? The answer is a resounding "no", but we still like the album. 


We Don't Need to Whisper on Apple Music and Spotify

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