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Ep056 - Page Avenue by Story of the Year

Story of the Year's debut album went platinum, y'all. So, despite Kris and Blake not having really given them a chance in the 2000s, we felt we had to do an epsiode on it. 

SNACK! What's the best concert you went to in the 2000s?

Blake puts Kyle and Kris on the spot to think of the best concert they went to in the 2000s. It's highly probable all three guys spent the time between recording and releasing this episode kicking themselves for not including other shows. WE WERE UNDER PRESSURE! 

SNACK! Labor Day Mixtape

Since we'll not be releasing a full album episode for Labor Day, we thought we'd put together a few songs we think you should check out. We each pick 2 old tunes, and one new(ish) one to share with each other...and you! 

Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music 

SNACK! New Cartel singles

It's Cartel week here at Finding Emo, apparently. We talk about their new singles 17 and The End, and whether the beat in 17 should be referred to as "BLAH-ka-ka Blah-ka-ka" or "Clocks" beat. Very important stuff. 

Cartel on Spotify and Apple Music 

Ep055 - Chroma by Cartel

Did Kris and Blake's band have anything to do with the leaking of Cartel's debut full-length album? Do we all maybe have the same notes about some not-so-great lyrics on this album? Do we think this is a solid debut album from a band that got better and better? What's the meaning of life? We answer some of these questions on this episode. 


Chroma on Spotify and Apple Music  Absolute Punk Interview from 2005  2015 BuzzFeed Nostalgia Interview (with gifs!)  Will Looks back on 10 years  Julia Kugel’s band and article (BGVs vox on Q and A) 

SNACK! Dashboard and Andrew McMahon live tour stream

Dashboard Confessional and Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness are on tour together and just announced they'll be doing two live streams of upcoming shows. 


Buy streaming tickets to the Hello Gone Days tour  Andrew McMahon's new single, Stars (video)  Jukebox the Ghost/Andrew McMahon - Wasted on Spotify and Apple Music  Oh, and here's another Jukebox The Ghost tune featuring Justin Pierre from Motion City Soundtrack (Seriously, they're a fantastic band - check them out) In case you needed to know, the first streaming concert was in 1993  And here's an epic Billy Joel live performance of (i...

SNACK! Jimmy Eat World's new single "Something Loud"

The boys from AZ have a new single out. Spoiler alert: we like it. 

Something Loud on Spotify and Apple Music 

Ep054 - The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

Buckle up because we're tackling what might be THE defining album of the genre on this episode. Between the lyrical concept, the production, the ballads, the guitar solos, and the vibraslaps there is a LOT going on on this album and we love (almost) every second of it. 


The Black Parade on Spotify and Apple Music  Welcome to the Black Parade video  Famous Last Words video  Teenagers video  Frank's burnt guitar 

SNACK! Kyle introduces us to Hot Mulligan

Kyle has new music from Hot Mulligan for us to check out. We may get on a tangent or 3 in the process. 

Hot Mulligan - Drink Milk And Run on Spotify and Apple Music 

SNACK! Is Tom rejoining blink-182?!?!

Kyle fills us in on the blink-182 rumors

Ep053 - The Used (self-titled)

We already did The Used's sophomore album, but are going in reverse to talk about their debut self-titled album because it turned 20 years old this month! Blake complains about screaming, but overall we're even more impressed with this album than we were 20 years ago. Also, we continue to lavish praise on their wonderfully talented bass player. 


The Used on Spotify and Apple Music  Kyle horrified me with this picture mid-convo 

SNACK! Bayside's new singles

We're trying something new! There's so much going on with these bands we talk about that we wanted to start recording and releasing little bite sized Finding Emo Snack episodes about the current goings-on in the genre. Bayside has new singles out, so that's what we talk about on the first SNACK! bonus episode. 

Bayside - Strangest Faces (Spotify , Apple Music) 

Bayside - Rainbow (Spotify , Apple Music) 

Ep052 - Unwritten Law's self-titled

We go back to 1998 for this one, chatting about Unwritten Law's self-titled or "black" album. Also, because it's been a month since our last episode (sorry, summer vacations and all), we get off-subject more than usual because we haven't talked in a while. 


Blink 182 Covering ‚ÄėShallow‚Äô Unwritten Law¬† Pat Kim // Tattoo Artist¬† Scott Discussing Life and Some Moments from the Black Album¬†

Ep051 - From Under The Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy

Let's talk about this monster of a record, ok? Fall Out Boy went multi-platinum with their 2005 sophomore effort, and we have lots of opinions. It might be the first time a song has been nominated for Nobody's Perfect by one host, and Desert Island Song by another. 


From Under The Cork Tree on Apple Music and Spotify   Fuze misheard lyrics commercial  Sugar, We're Going Down music video 

Ep050 - Futures by Jimmy Eat World

It's our 2 year anniversary! And our 50th episode! We celebrate by talking about one of our favorites, Futures by Jimmy Eat World. Gushing ensues. Blake gets mad at online articles referencing harmonizing guitars when they're actually octaves. Kris has opinions about Night Drive. Kyle somehow brings up Hinder. It's a long one, so buckle in! 


Futures on Spotify and Apple Music  Get our T-shirt!!!  Kyle's referenced article interview with Jim  Trombino sessions Reddit discussion (With link to dropbox files)  If you're an audio nerd like Blake, check out this EQ article he referenced about the techn...

Ep049 - Killing Time by Bayside

Did Bayside not get enough love in the 2000s? We think that might be the case. On this episode we talk about their 2011 album. 


Killing Time on Apple Music and Spotify  Interrobang is a real thing. Blake learned something today.   Jack’s Rig Green Day Cover

Ep048 - We Don't Need To Whisper by Angels & Airwaves

Was there any way for the debut Angles & Airwaves album to live up to the absolutely astronomical (see what we did there?) expectations set by Tom DeLonge? The answer is a resounding "no", but we still like the album. 


We Don't Need to Whisper on Apple Music and Spotify

Ep047 - Brand New Eyes by Paramore

This marks our 2nd episode spent gushing over the talents of Hayley Williams and co. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

Brand New Eyes on Spotify and Apple Music 

Ep046 - All Killer No Filler by Sum 41

We'd honestly forgotten about this record, which is a shame because it holds up much better than a lot of the other pop-punk released around the same time. We miiiiiight have issues with the opening and closing tracks, though. Maybe. 

All Killer No Filler on Apple Music and Spotify 

Ep045 - The Young and The Hopeless by Good Charlotte

Shots fired! Blake comes in hot with his opinions on this album, so buyer beware (this is free, don't get too excited). 2002's mega super giant multiplatinum album from Good Charlotte has us feeling conflicted. 


The Young and The Hopeless on Spotify and Ap ple Music  Good Charlotte music videos  Have you seen Joel's father-in-law?  David Letterman (GOAT) performance  Related, supercut of David Letterman (seriously, GOAT] asking guys about their drums  Wow, they didn't even try with this Riot Girl merch  Blake's LITERAL face Kris screengrabbed while listening to Emotionless 

Ep044 - Even If It Kills Me by Motion City Soundtrack

We think it's a travshammockery Motion City Soundtrack isn't more widely considered the face of the genre. They've got everything we love and came it hot with their follow up to Commit This To Memory. This album is underrated. Full stop. 

Ep043 - Straylight Run (self-titled)

After the dramatic Taking Back Sunday falling out, John Nolan and Shaun Cooper started Straylight Run along with Will Noon and John's sister, Michelle. On this episode, we talk about their awesome debut self-titled record. #teamnolan for sure. 


Straylight Run on Apple Music and Spotify 

Ep042 - So Impossible EP by Dashboard Confessional

The So Impossible EP turned 20 years old this week! In what should've been a shorter episode based on the math of this only having 4 songs, the guys ramble on about how dating was different in 2001 (they assume, even they've all been married for at least a decade) and how much they love this EP. 


So Impossible EP on Spotify and Apple Music 

Ep041 - Plans by Death Cab For Cutie

Sorry about the long break! Kyle and Blake had colds, Blake's computer crashed, Blake's audio equipment didn't work after his computer got fixed, Kyle got busy with work...basically, we failed you all. It won't happen again. Or it will. Time will tell. ANYWAY! Back to talking about great 2000s albums, and this one is a doozy. Join us for a chat about our second Death Cab record on the show. 


Plans on Spotify and Apple Music  Holy cow, this album actually has a song that was on Scrubs 

Ep040 - Leaving Through The Window by Something Corporate

We're all in on Something Corporate's piano-driven pop/rock/punk vibes (and basically everything Andrew McMahon has done since). Although, for some weird reason, Kyle had never listened to this album before! But he's with us, now. 

Ep039 - A Fever You Can't Sweat Out by Panic! At The Disco

Despite the debut from Panic! selling over 2 million copies, the guys are not as impressed with it as you'd think. They think th $11k budget and 18 year old band members makes more sense as a measuring stick for the quality than the 2 million albums sold. Please don't hate us, Panic! fans! 


A Fever You Can't Sweat Out on Spotify and Apple Music  The Pitchfork article 

Ep038 - White Crosses by Against Me!

Against Me!'s 2010 album was a departure from previous album styles, but that didn't stop 2/3 of the guys hosting this podcast from loving it. The other 1/3 is Blake, and he just honestly had never listened to the band before. Fresh ears! 

Ep037 - Paper Walls by Yellowcard

While Yellowcard admittedly had a slight downturn post Ocean Avenue with their 2006 album Lights and Sounds, they were back to being one of the best pop-punk bands of the 2000s with the quick follow up, Paper Walls. It's one of Blake's all time favorites, and his wife has zero interest in it. It's a real tragedy. 

Ep036 - Warning by Green Day

"Warning?", you say, confused. YES. We think this 2000 Green Day album is the catalyst for the follow up success of American Idiot. Full stop. We love everything about this album, despite it being a commercial disappoinment for the band at the time. 


Warning on Apple Music and Spotify Kinks - Picture Book Foreverly (Billy Joe and Norah Jones album) Minority music video Warning music video

Ep035 - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3 by Coheed and Cambria

Despite 2/3 of the guys not being huge Coheed & Cambria fans, we still manage to all have lots of opinions about this record. Siri even chimes in at one point to tell us how she feels about the record. 


In Keeping Secrets... on Apple Music and Spotify  Jesse's Girl 2   Blood Red Summer video  Jimmy Eat World's 555 graphic novel  

Ep034 - Pinkerton by Weezer

Clocking in at our longest episode thus far, we talk about what is now regarded as Weezer's 1996 masterpiece (though it was basically hated by everyone at the time) and its contribution to the genres of the 2000s. 


Pinkerton on Apple Music and Spotify The Terror of Tiny Town ACTUALLY exists. Kyle didn’t make it up. Here it is in its entirety on Youtube. Forgive us.  SNL Weezer skit in which Blake is simultaneously every character

Ep033 - Phantoms by Acceptance

We really thought Acceptance was going to be HUGE back in the day. Unfortunately, they had a ton of bad luck. This album is great, anyway. 

Notes: Phantoms on Spotify and Apple Music Mentioned article  The Sony Hack  Hopes Low by Rockwell Social (Kyle’s new tune)  Columbia has an impressive roster. Seriously.  Difference video


Ep032 - OK Go's self titled

It's our podcast and we'll slightly weave outside the genre if we want to! Look, if you haven't listened to this highly underrated album (because it came out before all the crazy one-take music videos), please do so and then listen to us talk about how much we love it. 

OKGo on Spotify and Apple Music 

Cover artist  What it Takes - Aerosmith  Return story  Chicago Go performance  House of Heroes tune  Sneaker Pimps song  Les Mis performance NYT Article, and another (written by Damien) Bad Pi-atch-fork review Ok Go's Hungry Ghosts

Ep031 - Beneath Medicine Tree by Copeland

Kyle brings fresh ears to a conversation about Copeland's 2003 debut album since he never really listened to it back in the day. Blake reveals where he stole the podcast's theme song from. Kris has a righteous mustache you can't see because it's a podcast. 


Beneath Medicine Tree on Apple Music and Spotify There's a non-zero chance Coffee Dad likes Copeland's song "coffee" Blake's song Everything Falls (which we cut up and use for the podcast theme song) Paulson's Window Frames   Copeland's Ixora and Ixora Twin (super highly suggest setting up two devices and listening to thi...

Ep030 - Mmhmm by Relient K

It's our 30th episode! We talk about Relient K's mainstream breakout album Mmhmm, which we've decided must be said in a sassy tone. 


Mmhmm on Apple Music and Spotify  Japanese cover art  Be My Escape video 

Ep029 - Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie

Some would argue Death Cab is indie, not emo. But it's our podcast and this album came out in 2003 and is close enough for us. Also, we really like the album a lot. Unlike Ben Gibbard's 2003 haircut. 


Transatlanticism on Spotify and Apple Music  The afformentioned 2003 Ben Gibbard look  Transatlanticism is technically the song with the slowest tempo on the album, but since the drums are playing 8th note builds for most of the song it doesn't feel as slow as Lightness. We realize none of you actually care.  We really didn't think about the Jesus and...

Ep028 - Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World

It's our 1st birthday! Woo hoo! Thanks so much for listening. On this episode we talk about Jimmy Eat World's super successful Bleed American album. Find out which of us would have danced in their underwear in The Middle's video shoot, given the chance. 


Bleed American on Spotify and Apple Music The Middle music video Pass The Baby Automatic by Jesus and Mary Chain Crappy cell phone video of Taylor Swift covering The Middle with Jim Jimmy Eat World covering Taylor Swift (complete with Zach looking like a Brooklyn plumber) (Splash) Turn Twist

Ep027 - Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! by Hellogoodbye

Would this album be considered 100% pop if it weren't on Drive-thru? Probably. Does that make it any less good? No. 


Album on Apple Music and Spotify  Will Ferrel devil skit  Jim Adkins Chase This Light solo performance 

Ep026 - Calendar Days by The Rocket Summer

The Rocket Summer is definitely a band you're either totally into or don't like at all. The guys are decidedly all-in on Bryce's songs, and this is such a good debut album for a 19 year old to make. 


Calendar Days on Apple Music and Spotify Bryce’s best non-smile profile pic Do You Feel video with multiple cameos, proving he’s a solid dude The Rocket Summer live looping (the audio is cell-phone-quality bad, but you’ll get the idea)

Ep025 - Interventions & Lullabies by The Format

(Let's try this again - Apologies for uploading bad audio on the first try)

Before the massive success of fun., there was The Format. On this episode we essentially look at half of their catalog, since they only made two albums. 

Interventions & Lullabies on Spotify and Apple Music We really think this is one of the better albums of the early 2000s, even though it’s not emo. OK Go Also, do yourself a favor and listen to some Harry Nilsson, while you’re at it.  We apologize for taking 5 minutes for Blake to poorly describe the so...