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I've written five books (see I've appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Rolling Stone as well on 60 Minutes, ABC News, and Entertainment Tonight. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (

USC & UCLA Join Big Ten, The Professor Of Desire (7-1-22)
Yesterday at 1:50 AM

01:00 The news and the under-news 05:00 Death Be Not Proud – A Celebration of the Life & Work Of Musicologist Robert M. Stevenson, 17:00 Stop Being Socially Awkward: 10 Behaviors That Make You Look Weird 22:00 Professor of Apocalypse: The Many Lives of Jacob Taubes, 59:00 Jerry Z. Muller: What Jacob Taubes Saw in Carl Schmitt 1:10:00 Resisting History: Historicism and Its Discontents in German-Jewish Thought by David Myers, 1:15:00 Resisting History by David Myers, 1:38:15 Biden's border crisis https://ww...

What Political Reporters Believe About Cassidy Hutchinson But Won't Tell You (7-1-22)
Last Friday at 12:35 PM Is The Washington Post Hinting That Cassidy Hutchinson Was Sleeping With Mark Meadows? Cassidy Hutchinson was about to turn 24, already a key official at the White House after a meteoric ascent from obscurity, when she heard a startling noise. It was early December 2020, and President Donald Trump was livid because his attorney general said the election had not been stolen. Upon investigating the noise, Hutchinson was told by a White House valet that Trump had thrown a porcelain plate against the dining room wall, which was now dripping ketchup...

Big Tech Tries To Destroy My Career But I Am Relentless (6-30-22)
Last Friday at 1:55 AM

00:40 Tucker is in Brazil 04:00 HERNANDEZ: Big Tech Keeps Trying To Destroy My Career, But I Am Relentless, 1:08:00 Godward Podcast: John 1 | Reading with Commentary, 1:20:00 The Jewish Annotated New Testament, Now is the time to express your needs and this is the place: Professor of...

How Did Cassidy Hutchinson Climb The Greasy Pole To Power? (6-29-22)
Last Thursday at 1:48 AM

03:00 Is The Washington Post Hinting That Cassidy Hutchinson Was Sleeping With Mark Meadows? 08:00 Tucker lists political prisoners beginning with Ricky Vaugh aka Doug Mackey arrested for memes 23:00 RS on the January 6 bombshells, 54:00 The end of Ukraine 58:00 China's zero Covid policy will stay in place until 2027 1:22:00 Watergate As Democratic Ritual, 1:25:00 When Did Intellectuals Stop Supporting The Free Market Of Ideas? 1:26:00 Regime Change, American Style, https://www.the-sun...

Is WAPO Telling Us That Cassidy Hutchinson Is A Tracy Flick Character? (6-29-22)
Last Wednesday at 2:45 PM "George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara dismissed Bill Clinton as a pathetic hillbilly when he challenged the incumbent in 1992. But, Kelley writes, Clinton was one of the few Bush opponents who knew how to back them down. As colorful stories from Clinton's sexual past in Arkansas began to surface during the campaign, a Clinton aide began digging into the senior Bush's own robust adultery. This included, writes Kelley, two long affairs -- one with Jennifer Fitzgerald, Bush's White House deputy chief of protocol, who, as the Washington Post once slyly put it, "has served...

5 stunning revelations from Cassidy Hutchinson that rocked my world (6-28-22)
Last Wednesday at 1:46 AM

00:15 January 6 hearings, 18:00 Stunning revelations from Cassidy Hutchinson 28:00 The Psychology of Martyrdom, 35:00 Mind, Modernity, Madness: The Impact of Culture on Human Experience, 1:00:20 JARED TAYLOR'S "RIGHT HAND MAN" DIES AT THE AGE OF 29, 1:06:30 The Rise of Reform and the Rabbinic Response (Part 16), Professor of Apocalypse: The Many Lives of Jacob Taubes, https://lukeford...

The Sinister Path (6-27-22)
Last Tuesday at 2:08 AM

01:00 Tucker Carlson live from Brazil 02:00 Loud fall out from Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision 15:00 Paul Gottfried on election integrity, Republicans vs the news media 22:00 Regnery Publishing, 23:40 Margaret Sanger, 25:20 Larry Elder and black conservatives, 26:25 Clarence Thomas and the Incorporation Doctrine, 27:40 Emmanuel Macron and the French elections, 42:00 Martyr complex, 44:00 RS advocates taking the sinister path...

US Supreme Court Strikes Roe V Wade (6-24-22)

00:00 My varied thoughts on this historic day 04:40 Tucker Carlson 34:00 Joseph Cotto, Halsey English compare Nick Fuentes to OJ Simpson, 45:20 Ken Brown says we worry too much about crime and immigration, 48:00 Abortion fights as a proxy for racial fights, 55:00 The Naked State: What the Breakdown of Normality Reveals, 1:18:00 Prof. Andrew Latham: The War in Ukraine: How Will It End?, 1:21:00 The unpalatable truth in Ukraine,

Supreme Court Strikes Down Gun Control (6-23-22)

00:00 Gun rights restored, 19:00 National Conservatism: A Statement Of Principles, 19:40 RS: Paleocons: Still (Figuratively) Gay After All These Years, 24:00 The Ukraine War, a New Flashpoint, and the End of Europe’s Energy Innocence 38:00 Republicans claim election fraud in Wisconsin 43:50 How much executive function does Joe Biden have? 56:00 Democrats use Justice Department to crush their enemies 1:21:00 KMG asks: Why are they here? 1:37:00 Why Bill C-11—the Online Streaming Act—is bad news for Canadian YouTub...

Why aren't we building any new oil refineries? (6-22-22)

00:19 Why aren't we building new oil refineries? 01:00 Tucker Carlson says Joe Biden is weak 02:40 Joe Biden gets 24% support from Hispanics 05:00 Why are so many Republican senators supporting Joe Biden? 21:00 Why aren't we building new oil refineries? 36:00 Is Google's AI alive? 38:00 Porn Icon Ron Jeremy languishes in jail over rape charges, 1:42:00 00:19 Why aren't we building new oil refineries? 1:50:00 Max Boot has promoted wars in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ukraine, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya ...

The Fall Of Porn Icon Ron Jeremy (6 - 21 - 18)
06/22/2022 People don't understand that Ron Jeremy, like Uncle Wally, is a nice guy, down to earth, helpful, funny, just great fun to be with when he's not raping you. People get so hung up on the rape thing, but that's just a part of Ron. I had dinner with Ron Jeremy (and Jasmine St. Claire) at the Rainbow Room and he never tried anything. Just a perfect gentleman. He didn't use my vagina...

Another Worthwhile Canadian Initiative (6-21-22)

00:20 I got so mad at my friend because his flaws reminded me of my flaws 1:10 Remember when Stephen Colbert was funny? 18:00 Why can't Nancy Pelosi condemn attacks on churches? 24:00 Uvalde police pathetic response 49:00 How to have sex while you have Monkeypox 52:00 The world's most boring headline, 59:00 KMG on another Worthwhile Canadian Initiative, 1:07:00 KMG's 500th show 1:12:00 New book on Clarence Thomas 1:14:40 Oil refineries are making a windfall. Why do they keep closing?,

The Right's Search For Power, Strength And Virility (6-20-22)

00:25 Healing from the trauma of the Colbert Coup 16:00 Juneteenth violence 37:30 Juneteenth is George Floyd Day 40:30 Mirror of Intimacy Webinar with Alex Katehakis: VIRILITY, 57:00 Technical heretic Michael Woodley bravely runs away, 1:15:00 Why Civilizations Rise and Fall | Michael Woodley of Menie and Stefan Molyneux, 1:28:00 Emotional Regulation, 1:30:00 How do you regulate your emotions?

The Devil Inside (6-19-22)

00:10 I woke up early and I'm so tired I might as well stream 03:20 Elliott Blatt joins 1:03:00 Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Web Of Make Believe: Death, Lies And The Internet’ On Netflix, A Docuseries About Digital Misinformation And Its Consequences, 1:20:00 A Former Far-Right Extremist Testified About How “Unite The Right” Rally Organizers Planned For A Racial Holy War, 1:39:40 Matthew Ghobrial deconstructs Holocaust denial, 2:10:00 Author Eli Saslow, Professor of Apocalyp...

Richard Spencer's Vision To Remake The World With A New Religion(6-19-22)
06/19/2022 Professor of Apocalypse: The Many Lives of Jacob Taubes, Jerry Z. Muller: What Jacob Taubes Saw in Carl Schmitt, 7 ideas in Zeihan's new book: ...

Richard's Vision To Remake The World With A New Religion II (6-19-22)

00:10 How does the Right capitalize on the anti-grooming movement? 03:00 What are we doing here? 04:30 What is polyamory? 18:08 The elites are weak 21:00 New documentary alleges Jesse Lee Peterson is gay 26:00 Richard Spencer vs Greg Johnson 30:00 It’s Time to Stop Talking About “Generations”, 31:00 For culture and cultural memory, elites matter more than majorities, 34:30 William Luther Pierce, 53:00 Professor of Apocalypse: The Many Lives of Jacob Taubes, 55:00 Jerry Z. Muller: What Jacob Taubes...

Spooky Chatter About China Invading Japan, Australia and America (6-17-22)

00:45 Florida woman who found Ashley Biden's diary in 'halfway house' is under FBI investigation for SELLING the journal in which president's daughter recalled 'showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)' and details of her drug and sex addiction, 23:20 KMG returns! 27:00 James Howard Kunstler: How low can you go? 53:30 Norm Macdonald The Ventriloquist,

Vouch Nationalism In The Bedroom (6-16-22)

00:45 Tucker Carlson Tony Fauci 15:00 Luke supports the conventional approach to Covid 18:45 Condom ‘stealthing’ is sexual violence, bill says. Here’s what to know., 27:30 Psychologist Geert Hofstede, 28:20 10 minutes with Geert Hofstede on Individualisme versus Collectivisme, 37:40 War on middle class 40:00 E.O. Wilson biography, 48:00 Israeli lawmaker rebuked for wishing he could make Palestinians ‘disappear’, 52:20 Fannie Mae’s New Racial Bias,

Organic Free Range Girls (6-15-22)

00:20 Who do you trust? Where do you put your money? 02:30 Tucker Carlson: Who do you trust? 04:00 Biden's war on fossil fuels 26:00 Hunter Biden 42:00 Organic free range chicks, 50:00 Dutch legal scholar, ex-politician Eva Vlaardingerbroek, 55:00 Eva's Instagram, 59:00 Eva's Twitter, 1:08:00 Eva against defining rape down, 1:11:00 Eva's legal scholarship, 1:17:00 Kenneth Brown seeks rejuvenation 1:23:00 Mirror of Intimacy Webinar with Alex Katehakis: ACTIONS...

Three Blind Kings (Putin, Xi, Biden) (6-14-22)

00:00 Biden risks WWIII in Ukraine to boost his falling popularity 01:30 Tucker assesses the health of the republic 04:00 Why do latinos hate Joe Biden? 21:00 Constitutional Dictatorship: Its Dangers and Its Design, 25:00 Professor of Apocalypse: The Many Lives of Jacob Taubes, 55:10 Ken Brown supports the Great Reset, 1:09:50 7 ideas in Zeihan's new book, 1:39:00 The Truth About Dentistry, 1:51:00 How do you restore balance to your polyamorous relationship,

How I Am Hedging Against Inflation (6-13-22)

00:40 Tucker Carlson on red flag laws 16:00 I was wrong about inflation and how I'm hedging, 22:40 How the Fed and the Biden Administration Got Inflation Wrong, 31:20 Explosion in kids who identify as transgender 37:45 Mirror of Intimacy Webinar with Alex Katehakis: NEGATIVITY, 45:00 Valence, 53:00 How to make inflation better 1:10:00 Mickey Kaus finds the secret to a better life -- sudafed 1:11:40 Director Richard Linklater, 1:13:20 Psychadelics...

Biodiversity Crisis Drives Eradication Campaign Against Super-Predators (6-10-22)

00:10 New Zealand’s Biodiversity Crisis Prompts Extreme Measures, 01:00 Tucker Carlson on January 6 hearings 14:00 Scientist: E.O. Wilson: A Life In Nature, 17:00 Professor of Apocalypse: The Many Lives of Jacob Taubes, 27:00 Tucker interviews Ashli Babbitt's husband Aaron, 33:00 The Rat Apocalypse in New Zealand 37:00 Invasive Species, 52:45 Jack Del Rio, defensive coordinator, in trouble for January 6/BLM riots comparisons 1:05:40 The Eucalyptus Qu...

January 6 Hearings Focus On Dangers of RW Extremism (6-9-22)

01:30 January 6 hearings on prime time TV, 08:00 Bogus allegations of voter fraud dominate American Right, 28:00 The Left's changing views on violence 45:40 Michael Tracey 53:00 Male friendships revolving around fantasy sports, 56:00 IT’S YOUR FRIENDS WHO BREAK YOUR HEART, 1:00:20 My Elisa Albert experience, 1:06:00 Elisa Albert – Still Quick To Take Offense After All These Years, 1:16:00 Whatever happened to Mark Ebner? 1:18:00 Five helicopters go by, what's with...

Mother Hunger (6-8-22)

00:30 What really happened on January 6? 15:00 Healing Mother Hunger, 26:00 Chesa Boudin bounced out as San Francisco's DA 53:00 Democratic crime wave 56:00 Victor Davis Hanson on America's crime wave 59:30 Biden's disinformation board 1:12:00 After the leak, the Supreme Court seethes with resentment and fear behind the scenes, 1:22:00 Peter Zeihan | Victor Davis Hanson | Michael Beckley, 1:40 Fear of abandonment, ...

What's the right way to handle a client who won't stop ejaculating? (6-7-22)

00:40 Janet Yellen's uncomfortable position 2:00 Janet Yellen gets the message from the Congressional Black Caucus 03:20 Climate change as the emerging risk 19:00 How the Texans and a Spa Enabled Deshaun Watson’s Troubling Behavior, 33:00 New York City cleaned up in the 1990s, 35:30 When RS was deep in bed with TRS 43:00 RS muddied the waters with his Joe Biden endorsement 45:00 The Upside of Anxiety, 53:50 Community mourns death of Atlanta rapper Trouble, 58:00 Th...

Where Can Marginalized Losers Get Self-Esteem? (6-3-22)
06/03/2022 Liah Greenfeld writes in the WSJ: Equality inevitably makes self-definition a matter of one’s own choice, and the formation of personal identity—necessary for mental health—becomes personal responsibility, a burden some people can’t shoulder. A relatively high rate of functional mental illness, expressing itself centrally in dissatisfaction with self and, therefore, social maladjustment, thus must be expected in democracies. But while high rates of mental illness are an old problem, the soaring rates of the recent decades aren’t explained by equality alone. They are related, in addition...

High Anxiety In San Diego (6-2-22)

Forming an identity is the best antidote to anxiety. Just because one is a civic nationalist does not mean you need to abandon other forms of group identity. * Road to recovery: * Ideas that give me energy: * Our Problems Are Not Our Problems, They’re Just Symptoms Of Deeper Problems * With or without you , * I’m Dysfunctional, You’re Dysfunctional: The Recovery Movement and Other Self-Help , * Sham: How the Self-Help Movement Made America Helpless,

What Unites Opposition To Nationalism? Disdain For Individual Dignity (6-1-22)

00:30 Tucker Carlson says once government disarms you, they dominate you 16:00 What unites opposition to nationalism? Contempt for individual dignity, 21:00 RS says Marjorie Taylor Green is the face of white nationalism, 27:00 The West’s Struggle for Mental Health, 42:30 How much blame should social media get for the mess we’re in? Is Everything Falling Apart? | Robert Wright & Jonathan Haidt, 48:00 Jonathan Haidt on Why Public Discourse Has Become So Stupid, http...

The Media Are The Lapdogs Of The Experts (5-31-22)

00:00 How did Salvador Ramos get the money to buy his guns? 01:40 Why did the police repeatedly lie to us? 12:00 Fact-check: Do 'more people die from hands, fists, feet, than rifles'?, 16:30 WSJ: Political Narratives Are the Media’s Default in Times of Tragedy, 20:00 The “Facts” of El Salvador According to Objective and New Journalism, 23:00 The Last Love Song: A Biography of Joan Didion, 27:20 Collision of Catastrophes,

The End Of Citizenship (5-30-22)

03:00 Vouch nationalism and bonding among scientists, 14:00 Dutton and Spencer on the Psychology of a Spree Shooter, 37:30 Rodney Martin joins to talk about Ukraine 45:50 What does Putin want? 53:00 Raising age to buy a gun? 1:10:00 Rodney doesn't buy into the Great Replacement, 1:34:00 Should we embrace globalism and the New World Order to combat climate change? 1:41:00 Norm Macdonald's Last Stand Up Set Ever, 2:02:00 First Man, 2:04:00 Hollywood...

The Market for Goods and the Market for Ideas (5-29-22)

00:00 When Did Intellectuals Stop Supporting The Free Market Of Ideas? 02:00 Economist Ronald Coase, 22:00 John Milton's Areopagitica, 38:00 Colleges that so want free speech they don't take federal funds, 42:00 People are less interested in truth than in the battle between truth and falsehood? 43:00 Vaush: Illiterate Cringelord Styxhexenhammer666 Complains About "Woke" Climate Activism, 55:00 Stephen Kotkin: Putin, Stalin, Hitler, Zelenskyy, and War in Ukraine, 1:15:00 The Ukraine...

Vouch Nationalism (5 - 28 - 22)

I propose that if you want to legally own a gun, the easiest way for you to do this would be to to have ten law-abiding adults with spotless records (including when they were minors) vouch for you. If you choose not to go this way, the state can come up with more onerous rules to incentivize people to form and maintain ties with upstanding citizens if they want certain privileges. If you want to have a kid with generous support from the state, you should have to have ten law-abiding adults vouch for you and your spouse. If you...

Vouch Nationalism 2 (5 - 29 - 22)
05/29/2022 Comment: "Couldn't I just pay someone to vouch for me? Also what if one of the vouchers decide to retract their vouch? Not to mention, how do you know the vouches are legit? Who vouches for the vouches?" Yes, you could, but you would have to pay a lot of money because the people who vouch for you will be on the hook for your behavior. If one of your vouchers decides to retract, and you have an excess of people vouching for you, it won't matter, but if you drop below the required number...

Under The Banner Of Heaven Part Two (5-26-22)

00:00 Trans activists outraged by Ricky Gervais new Netflix special 05:00 How dopamine drives our addictions, 09:20 Mark Collett talks to Greg Johnson, Ethan Ralph 15:00 Caleb Maupin denounces Richard Spencer, 19:00 Kenneth Brown says the Right is addicted to losing, 21:00 The Rise of Reform and the Rabbinic Response (Part 5) || Dr. Marc Shapiro, Join this channel to get access to...

A Solution To Social Media Censorship (5-27-22)

00:30 Tucker says Democrats prefer solutions that make politicians more powerful 15:00 The Politics of Expertise, 43:00 Kevin Michael Grace on Princeton firing Joshua Katz, 46:15 Kenneth Brown: Friendship is Power, 55:00 How to fix Twitter and other social media, 1:07:00 CDC Announces Plan To Send Every U.S. Household Pamphlet On Probabilistic Thinking, 1:10:00 We're going to get covid again and again, 1:17:00 Choose your...

Under The Banner Of Heaven(5-26-22)

00:30 Cops stand back for an hour with the murderer inside the school 28:00 Should we not politicize this rampage? 29:00 Blackouts this summer 46:00 Under the Banner of Heaven, 48:00 The Mormon doctrine of plural marriage Join this channel to get access to perks:,, Listener Call...

Do You Belong To The Trash Right? (5-25-22)

01:00 Joe Biden politicizes Texas school shooting 06:30 Beto O'Rourke politicizes Texas school shooting 21:00 Remove Personal Information in Word on a Document with Track Changes, 23:00 Objective correlative, 25:30 Heather MacDonald on Biden's executive order on policing 35:00 Trad Catholic Nick Fuentes saying raping and killing and dying is based 39:00 THE AMERICA THAT KILLED GEORGE FLOYD, 45:00 NATO’s Nordic Expansion and the empathy needed to live in community, 1:00:00 Ethan Ralph beaten again in Lisbon 1:03:00 Orthodox Jews carrying mo...

21 Dead In School Shooting In Uvalde, TX (5-24-22)

22:00 Joe Biden’s Buffalo Speech Was the Speech of an Indecent Man, 36:40 The Brotherhood of Darkness, 1:13:00 RamzPaul: The Working Class and the American Right 1:28:30 Lauren Southern: Right Wing Hangout ft. Evelyn Rae, Nuance Bro, Destiny... Join this channel to get access to perks:,, Listener Call In #: 1-310-997-4596 Superchat: Bitchute:

Tucker Carlson vs W.H.O.: Who Did Better On Covid? (5-23-22)

00:30 Tucker Carlson says the Dems hate you 15:00 The Epidemic's Wrongest Man - Alex Berenson, 21:00 The KMG Show EP 494 Monkeypox: AIDS 2?, 28:00 The Guru Playbook, 32:00 Global health talks clouded by conspiracy theories about pandemic treaty, 40:00 Tucker is wrong about WHO conspiracy, 47:00 Biden says USA will go to war for Taiwan, 1:03:00 Michael Inzlicht on Jordan Peterson, the Replication Crisis, Mindfulness, and Responsible Heterodoy, https...

Can You Change Your Personality? (5-22-22)
05/23/2022 Lack of Character: Personality and Moral Behavior by John M. Doris: Scholars with a background in evolution see evolutionary psychology as the key to understanding how the world works just as theologians regard their discipline as the king of studies. Sociologists see social mores as the magic key. Psychologists talk about the Big 5 personality traits, but sociologists may argue that these traits are shaped, in part, by our interactions with others. For example, when I am successful in life, I am more outgoing, more energetic, more...