Slack and Slash

40 Episodes

By: Scott Sharplin

Live-play tabletop role-playing in D&D 5e's Ravenloft setting. A party of middle-aged gamers portray hapless heroes on a quest to defeat the tenth-most famous vampire ever: Strahd von Zarovich. Combining Gothic horror with swords-and-sorcery fantasy, we use theatre of the mind to produce lush, efficient storytelling, with some goofy humour thrown in.

#125: Postcast: Curse of Strahd Reminiscing and Review

This is the end, my friends… but Scott, Laird, Jason, David, and Gayle have some ruminating to do, and you’re invited! Find out what the boys think about D&D 5e; what bits of Curse of Strahd were completely fudged or invented by Scott; and why Gothic horror is so cathartic/hilarious. 

#124: Strahdcast Epilogue: Corpses and Tired Women

The survivors of last episode’s boss battle regroup, and next moves are discussed. The sun peeks through the mists. A conversation with a dragon skull gets heated. Ralston gets a few cantrips named after him. Happily ever afters??? 

#123: Strahdcast Ch.94: Darklawd, He Comin'

This is it! The colossal climactic instalment of Curse of Strahd, featuring: epically uncoordinated team combat! Heroically failed saving throws! And so many Hail Mary spells, you’ll think the Morninglord converted to Christianity. THIS IS IT!!! 

#122: Strahdcast Ch.93: No Attachments

Beneath Strahd’s tomb, a gargantuan undead monstrosity rises. Can the heroes rescue Nadja from its clutches before the Darklord returns to finish them off? It’s the penultimate battle!

#121: Strahdcast Ch.92: What's the Point of Being a Ranger These Days?

The heroes await word from Nadja, who has wriggled into Ravenloft’s depths in pursuit of Strahd. A ghostly, musical interlude provides a glimpse at the OG Red Wedding. 

#120: Strahdcast Ch.91: Legendary Bullsh*t

It’s the throne-room smackdown with the Darklord! Agonizing dice rolls and hairbreadth reversals await! Laird is very drunk this week! 

#119: Strahdcast Ch.90: Throne Room, Hours of Operation

We push on past some garbled audio; the heroes break an ancient curse; David says a bad word; and Ralston delivers a pep talk that would inspire the Day Daddy himself! 

#118: Strahdcast Ch.89: Don't Make Me Ring My Bell at You

In the hidden heart of Castle Ravenloft, the heroes trade noisy blows with some uncle-spiders before discovering a fortress within the fortress… and a treasure beyond price! 

#117: Strahdcast Ch.88: Come On Baby Bank My Fire

With Death defeated and the party reunited, the heroes indulge in some chimney-diving and trap-springing. 

#116: Strahdcast Ch.87: Eating that Death Sandwich

When the Grim Reaper comes at you swinging, you need to hope your dice hold up. This is what happens when they don’t.

#115: Strahdcast Ch.86: I Inject Her Spinal Cord with All Kinds of Holy Energy

Intense NPC roleplay presides, as Ireena’s cards turn her into a second Esmerelda, and Nadja says goodbye to the stone age. 

#114: Strahdcast Ch.85: Brains in Jars in Cribs in Here

The way down is up? The Ought-Not Nursery awaits, with sanity checks all ‘round. What does Channel Divinity sound like, anyway? 

#113: Strahdcast Ch.84: Eight Hours

A lot can go down during a long rest in the vampire’s castle: one million maggots, a pop-up swordwraith, and an awkward conversation about Dragomir’s ex. 

NOTE: The audio is grimy, but at least it’s a short ep?? Better next time, promise! 

#112: Strahdcast Ch.83: The Buttered Painting and the Fistful of Snakes

The heroes are on the back foot in Castle Ravenloft, but there’s nowhere to hide when the Darklord’s eyes see all! NOTE: Geez, the audio on this one sucks. Apologies. 

#111: Strahdcast Ch.82: Team Cowardice

Fun times! Dragomir just mercy-killed his true love, and Andrej’s offspring isn’t far behind. Also, did you know Strahd always rolls natural 20s? Fun times. 

#110: Strahdcast Ch.81: Dungeon for the Gifted

Divided and under attack, the heroes of Barovia pause their crusade briefly to learn some crucial lessons about equestrian anatomy. 

#109: Strahdcast Ch.80: Everything Smells Wrong

The fellowship presses deeper into the trap-filled, fog-choked, guano-clogged dungeons of Ravenloft. Aren’t you glad this podcast doesn’t come with smell-o-vision? 

#108: Strahdcast Ch.79: Teamwork -- A Coward's Choice

This is it, ghosts ‘n’ goblins: The Assault on Castle Ravenloft begins here, featuring the return of the swordwraiths and a fearless foray into the guano crypts. 

#107: Strahdcast Ch.78: Gainful Exercise

As we move ever closer to the Ravenloft showdown, we learn the grim, legal truth about Strahd von Zarovich’s original descent into darkness! 

#106: Strahdcast Ch.77: All the Crits

After fixing David’s “sexy android” problems, Ralston and Andrej trounce howlers in the Gloaming, and Dragomir gets persuasive. 

#105: Strahdcast Ch.76: "I Walk With Them"

Not gonna lie: this ep is mostly wrangling about where to go next, punctuated with (baseless!) complaints that the DM never lets the party get a long rest.

#104: Strahdcast Ch.75: Liches Be Crazy, Pt. II

Azalin roams  free! Andrej invents the elevator! Ralston experiences the Bad Touch, and Dragomir helps Saffron pull off the heist from Hell. 

#102: Strahdcast Ch.74: Liches Be Crazy, Pt. I

Andrej contemplates cracks. Dragomir and Saffron take the plunge. And Ralston seals a deal with Azalin, and learns you can’t trust an old son-of-a-lich. 

#103: Postcast: Scott <3 Raw Pathfinder

Call of Cthulhu? Pendragon? Vampire: The Masquerade? Yes, the boys (sans Jason) talk about all these RPGs, and more! 

#100: Strahdcast Ch.73: I Got My Degree in Lichology

A desecrated underground temple! A bottomless pit! And the unexpected appearance of a legendary Ravenloft villain (NOT Strahd?!?). 

#101: Postcast: Laird <3 the Three Main F**kfaces of Ravenloft

The players respond to this week’s shocking name-drop. Scott enumerates Buddhas and says “Yeahh!” to Gary Oldman.  David vivisects "Picard."

#099: Strahdcast Ch.72: Dark Hole Destinies

In a harrowing mountaintop search for the Well of Souls – er, the Heartless Well – the heroes risk losing everything – er, well, at least all their treasure.

#098: Strahdcast Ch.71: Escheresque

Trapped in a dimension of madness! Ralston is out of spells, and he’s not afraid to mention it! 

#097: Strahdcast Ch.70: Nothing Should Smell Like Nothing

A brutal battle with a floral foe leaves our heroes disoriented. Without Saffron’s guidance through the Gloaming, Dragomir follows his nose!

#095: Strahdcast Ch.69: Sucked Into Penumbra

Our heroes venture back into the Gloaming, only to find that the demiplane is overrun with shadow demons and skele-plants. There goes the neighbourhood!

#096: Fastcast: Happy Birthday to Me

It’s DM Scott’s most self-indulgent podcast yet! Join him on a brisk saunter down D&D Memory Lane. 

#094: CaperCon 2022: The Shape of the Table

Eavesdrop on DM Scott’s live panel discussion at this year's CaperCon! 

#093: Strahdcast Ch.68: That Went T*ts-up in a Hurry

Ralston has a girlfriend! The Gloaming is long on real estate, but short on jobs. A brazen plan elicits a snigger from the Morninglord. The road to Hell is paved with pillow talk. 

#092: Strahdcast Ch.67: Head Will Roll

It’s a colossal season finale as the heroes, harried by Strahd’s far-reaching powers, fight desperately against the very trees, rocks, and evil skeleton babies of Krezk!

Following this episode, we'll be on hiatus until Oct. 17 or so.

#091: Strahdcast Ch.66: Ill Wind by Candlelight

Dragomir’s dybbuk sparks trouble during a stormy night in Krezk. Featuring our first PC vs PC combat (except for that time Andrej sucker-punched Ralston, I guess).

#090: Strahdcast Ch.65: Jump Off the Tower Like a Man

Even as Ralston strives to remove Nadja’s medusa curse, Dragomir succumbs to a different darkness. 

#089: Strahdcast Ch.64: Shot in the Heart

Reunions abound!

#088: Strahdcast Ch.63: Declare the Pennies on Your Eyes

The squatters in the Magic Tower can sense danger drawing near, but none of them realize… the (wolf) call is coming from inside the house! 

#087: Strahdcast Ch.62: The Invisible Tiger

The heroes play a deadly game of Bejewelled, which despite being a visual puzzle is still totally dramatic in podcast form…

NOTE: Merci beaucoup to Julien Ribiollet aka DM Faction, who provided the puzzle via “Van Richten’s Tower Door Puzzle Alternative” (available to buy at 

#086: Strahdcast Ch.61: The Horses are Unimpressed

Catch-up with Ireena! A round of Tarokka! A visit from the Sandman Squiggleface! All this, plus a fight to the death with a many-(MANY-)limbed demon!