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a daily dose of relevant information and esoteric motivation LIVE every weekday w/ the last sane person on the planet, activist, lyricist, and journalist Jessie Sponberg.

Biden, Trump, Rudy, Bill Barr and Meuller
Last Friday at 8:49 PM

there's a lot of important politics to discuss today - shit that you can understand if it's explained to you but not if all you read are Facebook posts. 

Scarface at 10:35

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practical teleporting and magnetic spoons
Last Thursday at 6:38 PM

KRS-1 explained it to me best. 

then we talk about media censorship as it relates to pandemic information and disinformation.  

Del the Funky Homosapien raps at 10:35 

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I love wednesdays because I blab my ass off
Last Wednesday at 7:11 PM

there isn't a single dinosaur story today but I have lots of other good shit. 

and Kriss Kross at 10:35am 
powered by Kudokens.

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back from Miami and I found a crazy story
Last Tuesday at 8:08 PM

I'm at the top of my game today and Josh Larsen makes it all better. 
the whole episode is one crazy story 

with Lou Reed live at 10:35 

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2 minutes in Miami

just in case anybody was wondering what's going on today. this is a travel day check in. I didn't want to leave a hole in the schedule. 
we'll be back to full episodes Monday. 
thanks for your continued support. 

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this will all make sense

so the exact property I've been daydreaming about for 2 years just opened up. 
and Red and Meth crush it at 10:35

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my feets in the streets and my hands on yo mans

I've been trying to tell you guys since 2013 that the activist movement in Portland has been infiltrated. 
I don't know how else to tell you but today I go hard on the subject. 
and at 10:35 Dre and Snoop lend some assistance to my point. 

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Josh doesn't know about the "eats poop" lady

it's always a party when Josh comes thru 
I just couldn't believe nobody knew about the "eats poop" lady. 

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let's talk about Tulsa and Black Wall Street

Mondays are my favorite days but also I get daydreamy. 

today's 10:35 is a horrible performance from Goodie Mobb at the Superbowl. it's not even funny. 

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don't call it a comeback

I went into this week with a chip on my shoulder and there's none to blame but myself which also means I alone can fix it. 

And man did I crush it. 
and at 10:35 we drop some Tribe CQ from the early 90s. I'm especially stoked about the music this week even I fricking crushed it. 

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WTF gummy bears???

oh this isn't good😕 what a great episode though! 

and the Cypress Hill performance at 10:35 is as good of a live performance as you'll ever see. 

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dinosaur wednesday serious this time

people get used to me using Dino Wednesdays just to get some juice. 🤣

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wtf is on Mars?

it's a big Monday and there might be mushrooms on Mars. 

plus Sir Mix a Lot at 10:35 😂 I swear. 

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the heck is diatomaceous earth?

Dirty Digital comes thru and we talk about blockchain and the future of surveillance. 

then I find the dopest live performance by Naughty by Nature. 

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been a minute brahs but I'm back! 🌴🌞

great episode. 

a real treat at 10:35am 

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super short shorty from the end of the world

today is like 5 minutes long. it was gonna be 10 minutes but I talked for 5 before pushing record.

personal energy accounting is a better investment than crypto

today goes pretty deep with a lot of beneficial information I've gathered over the years

live from my phone on an island.

background scenery 8/10 can you see antarctica?

been a great week

let's finish strong. this is as much free game as I've ever stuffed into a single hour. no guests all me.

wtf happened to Dirty?

Dirty fell out? wtf?

and then there was a knock at the door

they finally showed up

time to GTFOH

the spider bites are getting the best of me

earth dayyyyyy

kudoken convo part 2 plus other stuff.

Kudoken token explained

waiting for the jury on 4/20

I've never been so happy to be wrong

who could have ever predicted such a day?

Dirty comes on and we drop the Kudoken bomb on em.

spider bites - 16 Jessie -1

struggling thru these spider bites and I get the hospital security called on me for going live on IG

you should see my forehead

despite the venom coursing thru my face I bang out a decent episode while covering the defense argument of the Derek Chauvin trial

the Boogiemonsters were very clear on this one

Josh's vaccinated self hangs out while I slightly overreact but with decent cause

if you cop yells STOP RESISTING you probably aren't resisting.

we stumble upon the surprising press conference from Minnesota for the latest unarmed Black man killed by police.

I hate Derek Chauvin 's lawyer so much

the Kudoken was born today. continued live coverage of the Derek Chauvin murder trial.

I can't remember this episode.

I'm trying to remember what this episode is about

Josh and I are the champs of the new world except for birds

if it's tuesday that means I'm asking Josh deep questions about birds.

I think I have a crush on Jen Psaki

and I have a huge crush on Jen Psaki

custom COVID variants while supplies last!

a quick week wraps up with a warning

April what?

nothing too funny on Day 4 of the Derek Chauvin case but my guests are cool.

there isn't always dinosaurs on dino wednesday

sometimes dinosaurs are just metaphors

Day 2 has some coldass testimony

America is on trial

Smash Mondays !!!

it's a beautiful sunnyass monday and I still find people to clown on. 🤡


if I see you enter a public place with multiple guns do I have a social obligation to smash you with a can of nacho cheese?