The Mills Lane Show with Wesley Mills

40 Episodes

By: Wesley Mills

There's the left lane and then there's the right lane. But what about The Mills Lane? Join me as I dive into a wealth of random and not so random topics, using my (somewhat) peculiar views to debunk strong opinionated thoughts, focusing on pop culture, entertainment, politics, neighborhood shenanigans and sooooooooo much more.

Episode 46 - What is Simping, Jay Z's Regrettable Lyrics, Putting Respect on Reality TV's Name, Insane Daily iPhone Usage, The Virus Is Here To Stay, Being Careful With Your Public Words, Skinny Actress Fat Role, LAPD Union Hypocrisy and A Gates Divorce
Last Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Episode 45 - Is The Rapper Cordae A Thot, Biden Is Saving Black Folk From Menthols, Dark Skin v Light Skin Nonsense, Zac Efron's New Face and the Pressures of Beauty, Willow's Polyamorous, The City Is Opening Up and Stealing An OPPS Casket at A Funeral
Last Friday at 2:00 PM


Episode 44 - A Blind Man Walked Right Into The Car, Knicks Are Back And So I'm I, Half Of the Right Disagrees With the Chauvin Verdict... Duh, 35 Girlfriends At The Same Damn Time, I'm Tired of Packing My Own Bags, Arizona's Still Counting and The Oscars

Episode 43 - Chauvin is Guilty, The Obsession With Peaceful Black Protestors, LeBron Said You're Next, Criticizing Black Activists and Lawyers, Rejected By Heaven and Hell, Being Scammed, 4/20 and Racism in Legal Marijuana and People Have Really Gone Mad

Episode 42 - Is The N Word Usage The World's Greatest Flip?, Incel Men, Selling Dwarf Alligators, A Lot of White People are Confused Over How They Can Treat Black People Now, Catching Up With Friends, Raising Kids and the Great Woman and Male Divide

Episode 41 - Slim Pickings on Seamless at Midnight, Black Kid Harassed By White Guy, Cop Kills 13 Year Old Who Had His Hands Up, Third Vaccine, Another Mass Shooting, Looking for Parking, Man Saves Wife From Bobcat and Kali Will Soon Be On Her Own

Episode 40 - RIP DMX, Another Unarmed Black Man Killed By Cops Who Are Turning Up The Unnecessary, The Mental Fatigue of Racism, What Can White Allies Do, Done With Sneakers and the PS5, Bagging Groceries in The Walmart Parking Lot and Are Movies Too Sad?

Episode 39 - Got My 2nd Covid Shot But Don't You Dare Put That Sticker On Me, Gun Control: Yes, We Must All Run the Laps, Black Power V White Power, Keeping A Close Eye on My Dog in Heat, Gender Pay and Your Next... Don't Get Off The Line to Get Cookies

Episode 38 - Praying for DMX and My Own Personal Experience with Drug Addiction, No Car Show this Easter, My Dog's First Heat, Somebody Hit Our Car and Ran and The Pizza Delivery Guy Lied and Said He Couldn't Find Parking, But He Had A Bike.

Episode 37 - Why Must All Good Things Come To An End?, Bad Samaritans, CPR During COVID, KD V MR, 916K Jobs Added and They're all Probably Amazon Fulfillment Center Positions, James Charles Sex Scandal, Doggy Bag Ticket and Seven Shots No Hangover.

Episode 36 - Signing an NDA to Have Sex with a Celebrity, White Boy Summer, Dress Codes at Restaurants, Lil Nas Devil?, Ignoring your White Privilege, Father and Son Have A Shootout, Saving iPhone Boxes and the Difficulty of Switching Barber's.

Episode 35 - I'm Ready for Robots Because Customer Service Sucks, Weird Derrick JaxN Hate, Spring Break Chaos, Heat of the Moment Racism, White Celeb V Black Celeb Drug Addiction Coverage, Andrew Cuomo Covid Family Perks and Stepping Your Mask Game Up.

Episode 34 - Drunk and Late, Gentrified Parking, Watching Radio Raheem Die, Should People Start Wiping Dog Pee?, Kylie's Emergency GoFundMe, The Country Can Do Better, Vacation Flow, and Buying a Suspect Shirt.

Episode 34 - Drunk and Late, Gentrified Parking, Watching Radio Raheem Die, Should People Start Wiping Dog Pee?, Kylie's Emergency GoFundMe for Friend's Brain Surgery, The Country Can Do Better, Vacation Flow, and Buying a Suspect Shirt.

Episode 33 - I Took the COVID Vaccine and Now I'm Paranoid, Trump V Megan 2024?, Asian Hate, Kanye Worth 6.6 Billie, Wesley Snipes Saved Hollywood, Coming 2 America Hate and How America could be in Better Shape if it Stopped Jerking Black People.

Episode 32 - Who's Invited to the White BBQ?, Ice Coffee Season, Wearing Aaliyah's Underwear, Kirk Franklin and Son, Stacy Dash, People Who Write Reviews, No Stimmy Yet, SNKRS App, Leaving Phone at Restaurant and Do Black People Know Directions?

Episode 31 - White Liberals or Rednecks, Black People taking the Baton of White Supremacy, Letting Zaya Wade Be, Mental Health, Being Insulted Again, Age Limit for Rappers, Megan and Harry, How Big Cities Milk Minorities and Another Beyonce.

Episode 30 - Delivery Guy Didn't Want to Fully Deliver, Putting a Paid Sticker on A Lollipop, Stores Checking Receipts and Wanting you to Rate Them Online, Unemployment Benefits and Being Falsely Charged With Murder.

Episode 29 - Mask Off in Texas, Beating your Kid, More Sleep Means Less Success?, Gettin a Mani and Pedi, Minimum Wage Ridiculousness in America, Yang took the A to the Bronx, Cuomo Accusations and powerful men who think they can just take it.

Episode 28 - Smoothie Life, Apple's Weird Password Suggestions, Obama was Scared of White Tears, Psychics, Billionaires Stealing Boo's, LeBron's and Politics, Invest that $1,400, Believing Rap Lyrics and Delivering Mail on Horseback

Episode 27 - Tiger Woods and the Jaws of Life, Diversity Training for White People, Drunk Chick in back of an Uber, Instagram Thots, Cam Newton beefing with a Mean Black Teen, Lori Harvey Hate and Minorities aren't getting the same COVID Vaccine Love

Episode 26 - Women talking on the Phone to Avoid Men-Versation, My Guy Ted Cruz , Biden said 10k not 50K, Paying Full Price for Virtual Shit, Serena to Retire?, Kanye Kim and Family, 50 College Acceptances and My Nephews.

Episode 25 - Basking in Your First World Problems, Sign Language Interpreters, Only $20's in the ATM, Timberlake's Sorry Apology, 69 over Meek?, Remembering Covid Victims, Black Girl gets Accepted into 50 Colleges, Delivery People Suck and Being a Sneaker

Episode 24 - Happy V-Day, Why Aren't Men Considered Sloppy Seconds?, Don't Just Support Chappelle Support Other Artists Stuck in Bad Deals too, Fred Hampton Movie, Gorilla Unglued Girl and The Late Night Wars

Episode 23 - Is Brady the GOAT and did he say Bitch Ass N-Word?, Morgan Wallen Did Say the N-Word, Gorilla Glue Girl, Double Standard's in Sports, Britney Doc and how the Media Treat Women, iPhone 13 Privacy and No Black History Month in Utah?

Episode 23 - Is Brady the GOAT and did he say Bitch Ass N-Word?, Morgan Wallen did say the N-Word, but to a white person?, Gorilla Glue Girl, The Double Standard in Sports, Britney Doc and how the Media Treats Women, iPhone 13 Privacy, Racism in Long Island and No Black History Month in Utah?

Episode 22 - Who is it Okay to Watch Romantic Movies With, Being Stuck in Downtown LA, The Time Bruce Leroy Visited the Set, Random Attacks on Women, The NBA, The Super Bowl, Ignoring Unfamiliar Phone Numbers and Attempts to Sell me Weed on the Corner

Episode 21 - Over 300 Different Alarm Times, Chloe and the Silhouette Challenge, Being the Last One on Line at the Supermarket, Tearing Addresses off of Packages, Jeff "Amazon", Cops on Horses and Honking


Episode 20 - Sent From iPhone, Soft Porn Workouts, Tax Refund Scam Season, Stripping Someone Naked After a Fight, RIP Cicely, GameStop, Danileigh Apologizing to Anybody Offended, BLM Complaints and The Proud Boys Informant

Episode 19 - The Myth that Women Act on Emotion and Men Don't, Transgenders in the Military, Respect the Athlete, Cop's Still Wildin', Dog Poop Incident and More Trump & Biden

Episode 17 - RIP Hank and Larry, Apologizing for Being Black, No More Trump has Relaxed Me, Being Irked, Giving Biden A Chance and AirPods Max

Episode 17 - Kamala, I mean Biden is President Now, Trump's Pardon Fee, Bow Wow Hate, Being a Parent is Really Really Hard, The Tiger Doc and Professional Sports Owners Suck

Episode 16 - Granny Porn, Ducking Neighbor Who Wants to "Borrow" Money, NYPD's Head of Discrimination Hates Everybody, Trying to Understand Package Thieves and Trump's Last Days

Episode 15 - We All Made Trump, Bad Bitches V Basic Bitches, The Cardi B Hate Train, Letting People Just Be, KD, Kryie & Harden, White Castle and Another Unarmed Black Man is Murdered

Episode 14 -I'm Jumping Up and Down To Get My Skinny's On, Do Black People Still Need a Leader, Breaking The One Drink Per Car Passenger Rule, Law Enforcement Sucks, MAGA FECES and Gucci is At it Again

Episode 13 - MAGA is Really Pissed, Self Pleasuring Lube, I'm Following Too Many Thots, Is Stacey Abrams The Goat, Black Women and Missing The Good Old Days

Episode 12 - Get A Louie Belt With Your $600 if You Want, The Karen Syndrome, Why Was Lori Loughlin Jailed, Knowledgeable Douchebags and The Drake Era is Not Over

Episode 11 - 2020 is Gone, But is 2021 Gonna Be Better? Karen's Just Won't Stop, Black Women Being Called Girl and My Favorite TV, Movies & Music of 2020

Episode 10 - Saying Happy Birthday across all platforms, I'm Not Seamless Delivery, Tuna's Expiration Date and Power's Theme Song

Episode 9 - Me No Speaky No English, RIP Ecstasy of Whodini, Trump $2000? and Merry Christmas.

Episode 8 - Missing When It Was Just Me... Sometimes and The Simplest Things in Life are So Annoying.

The single life for me is no more and sometimes, I miss it, but that doesn't mean I love the life I have now. I just want to be able to get food just for me, once in a while. The most simplest things in life should be easy, like driving, walking or waiting on line in a bodega to purchase a bag a of chips, but it's not. It's freaking exhausting. And we all need to learn how to survive after the year we had.