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Motherhood - it doesn't look the same for any of us - but you know what?! All of us are carrying around our own baggage. Whether it's helping your children with autism or anxiety, living with chronic illness, surviving from abuse in all of its forms, or feeling depressed and stuck in our lives - girl, I've got you! We ARE going to talk about all of those things - but we are also going to talk about super fun and nerdy things too! Like historical costuming or sewing, minimalism, hair and makeup, gaming, DIY projects, motherhood, friendhood (is that...

Homeschooling Sucks Sometimes
Yesterday at 4:00 PM

Homeschooling can really be so difficult sometimes!  Hear me rant about a typically tough day of homeschooling - even though I still love it too dang much. 

Music: Happy Ukulele : Scott Holmes

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Abortion, Adoption and the Understanding and Support Women Need

Here are my humble, and imperfect, opinions on the cases for abortion and adoption, and some of the ways that we can support women through their journey - wherever they may be.

Listen Up! There is An Entire Ethnic Group Being DESTROYED - The Uighur (Uyghur) Genocide

Did you know that entire race of people's are being destroyed right now?  Over 2 million Uighurs and counting are being systematically destroyed by the Chinese government.  Here is just a 15 minute episode to, at the very least, make you aware of what atrocities are still happening in our present day.

We thought that this sort of thing would never happen again after the reign of Adolf Hitler, but it IS!  I was worried about posting this in a bit of fear of retaliation against the Chinese Government - but honestly - this is extremely important inf...

Time to Meet Evangeline - My 9 Year Old Daughter with Autism

My daughter, Evangeline, has been begging to record a podcast with her mom!  Well, the other day, when it was rarely just the two of us, we decided it would be a perfect time to record while we were in the car.
She briefly discusses the difficulties of being a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but mostly talks about the things that bring her the most joy!

Addiction - Signs and Symptoms in Friends and Loved Ones

In this episode, Shannon talks all about the signs and symptoms of addiction, whether to a substance or behavioral.

The SAMSHA National Helpline (for confidential help and referrals for you or a loved one) can be reached at 1-800-662- HELP  (4357)
or their website at

English and Spanish trained intake personnel are available 24/7, 365 days a year!

Music Credit : Happy Ukulele - Scott Holmes
Artwork - "Addiction" - Evan Earley

Depression: The Insidious and Taboo Enemy : Part 3 - Family Member Hospitalized for Suicidal IdeationsAll the Time You Never Had by Scott Gratton

I hope that this depression podcast series has helped to either open your eyes or remind yourself of the danger and difficulties of depression.
It can wreak havoc on whole families and destroy a person's self-hood.

To my family member and all others that may be struggling,
You are important.  You matter.  Your life is precious.  You were made in the image of God.
And God totally loves you, all the time.

Music Credit: Scott Gratton - "All the Time You Never Had"


Depression : The Insidious and Taboo Enemy Part 2: Facts and Signs

Depression is a big deal.  It is hurting so many of us, or those that we love.  Let's figure out ways to help each other! 

This episode is all about the facts, friend.  All the definitions or symptoms you'd ever want to know about men, women, teens and the elderly and how depression might even look differently in those different groups.


Depression : The Insidious and Taboo Enemy

Depression is a real and serious life-threatening disease. Maybe it won't cause suicidal thoughts , but it will still steal your ability to live your life to the fullest.

Music: Better Than It Was Before- Ed Napoli

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My Scandalous Affair with the Tanning Bed

Guys - I like tanning beds.  What can I say.  They help with depression, skin issues, anxiety, Vitamin D absorption - come on.  They're great.

Police Reform and People With Autism

Here is my latest episode featured on the UK Radio Show, District Dubz Presents, Listen Up.

Mom's Post Stroke Recovery

My mother suffered a MASSIVE stroke the day before Thanksgiving, and has been in the hospital since then!  I had made many facebook live video updates, which has taken so much time away from actual podcasting!  SO I thought - I'm just going to record what I say on Facebook haha. 

15 Minutes All About Me!

I've been asked to join a radio hosting group in the UK and they've asked me for a 15 minute intro episode all about me!  This was wayyyyy harder than I thought it would be - because talking about yourself is awkward.  

Fostering Life - Meet the Simons Family, Foster and Biological Parents!

Everyone - I can't warmly express ENOUGH how fond I am of this husband and wife duo.
I first found Chelsea through Google's suggested stories that the A.I. thought I'd be interested in - and apparently Google was right  - because I then read a gut-wrenching yet hopeful story of foster-parenting and love, written by Chelsea herself!  You can actually find that article right here!
She was so gracious and kind and brave to meet me for a phone call from across the entire USA - literally East meets West in this situation...

Gratitude is a Mindset - Thankfulness in All Things

Guys!  Happy Thanksgiving!
Firstly, forgive me for making this so dang serious.  I didn't mean to hahahaha.  I get that way sometimes - too deep.  Too passionate about God guys - I can't help it!
I hope that you can find something in here worth listening to, friends.
And Secondly, I'm really thankful you're here. For real.

OH!  And for you guys that are ready to give your hair some TLC (you know, be an angel to yourself haha) Right now my listeners can give Gemmist a...

Angels Among Us - For Realz

Have you ever had a terrible day?  Like one of the worst days ever?  Did you know that God still cares for you in those times too?  Did you know that he LITERALLY sends angels to help you?  Well.......listen to how I had one of the worst days ever, but am so thankful that God meets me and cares for me even then. Thanks for coming back, friends!

OH!  And for you guys that are ready to give your hair some TLC (you know, be an angel to yourself haha) Right...

Sin of Cussing

So - I've been convicted lately.  Well, not lately, but over years and years of prodding and poking from people that love me.
I've got. To watch. My tongue. My mouth can be offensive - but I loved it.  It goes with rock n' roll, metal, hard life and crazy backstory.  But, like so many of our sins, it's time to give it up.
Cheers, guys!  And good luck on your journeys too!

Also  - Please consider donating! Things are getting REALLLLLLY expensive as this podcast grows, and...

Meeting The Owners Behind The Hill Family Boutique - Adam and Ashley Hill

Episode 20!  EPISODE 20!  We've made it to 20 episodes, guys.  This is amazing!
In this episode you get a sneak peak at the owners behind The Hill Family Boutique - a family owned and operated business in the Midlothian, VA area!
This family is amazing - they have 3 boys together, they are best friends, active in their church and neighborhood communities, and have a great sense of purpose and humor!
And - Ashley has a 20% off code hidden inside this episode for all of you fans out there of  beautiful and comfortable clothing! ...

I Want You to Meet The Owner of The Hill Family Boutique (and My Friend!)

Hey Friends!
This episode is a little silly and cute introduction to my friend, and owner of The Hill Family Boutique, Ashley Hill!
Ashley is a local mom of three boys living near Richmond, VA, with her sweet partner (and husband of 17 years!) Adam,
Her boutique is one of the TOP sales producers for LulaRoe clothing, and I have seen her business grow and blossom into what it is now!
She has thousands of clients (customers/friends) that help support her family by purchasing from...

God is King!

Y'all - this election has got me feeling some feelings.  And the craziest part is that with America split 50/50 - you won't even know which side I'm feelin' for ;-)  BUT LISTEN!  On the makes me sad that so many of my fellow Americans (and even people all over the world) are so divided over this presidential election - and I wanted to share some love and encouragement for all of you out there- a reminder that this is not our final and ultimate king. Our president is not the creator of the universe...

Jessica and Shannon Talk About the Difficulties of Juggling Homeschooling.....While Difficultly Juggling Doing Hair and Watching Kids

Hello!  Welcome to episode 17! 
Firstly - I am so thankful that Jessica let me interview her while trying to have a relaxing night for herself!  As a homeschooling mom of many little babes, having alone time to yourself, let alone pampering time, is almost impossible - and she was kind enough to work on this episode with me!
Secondly - I apologize 3000 percent for the audio quality in this ep.  There was basically a perfect storm of pooping on this session, not to mention that most of the files were corrupted by my...

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - 1980's Style

Guys - I've never in my life been a fan of 80's style - that is until I needed to dress as a glamorous 1980's woman for a murder mystery party.
It was SO FUN!  Enjoy hearing about my goofy escapades as an 80's Southern Belle, and how my hair now crackles when I move because of the amount of hairspray that is still tucked away inside of it.

Remember to show me your fierce styling on our facebook page, or feel free to e-mail me at .<...

Boobies, Cancer, Mammograms OH MY!

Guys!  I had a beautiful day interviewing a gem of a lady - Dr. Polly Stephens with Virginia Breast Center for Women - did you know that she is one of the founders of VA Breast Center?
This is a longer but super informative episode that covers everything you never wanted to know about boobs and disorders.  

Polly L. Stephens, M.D., F.A.C.S. :Dr. Stephens attended Bryn Mawr College for her undergraduate degree. She received her medical degree from Tulane University and completed a five-year general surgery residency at...

Ghost Stories of My Childhood - Real and True - Halloween Special

Guys - this episode is going to blow your minds.  It's true- I experienced what people would call "ghost stories" my whole childhood.  I know that some of you out there will be like "ghost - schmost" - or nope....not real.
Listen up!  I don't know if I was experiencing a psychotic episode for years, our demons were trying to get at me, or there were ghost on another plane - I'm just telling you what I experienced!
Write me and let me know if YOU would like to be featured on the...

Homeschooling Out of Necessity - Now Family Makes it Their Mission Together - Part 2

Hello again, and welcome to part 2 of Emily and I's homeschooling conversation.
Her and I visited in her driveway while her kids played in the house and her husband worked on house projects on his day off - the birds were chirping, the coffee was delicious, and I was wrapped in a handmade/homemade quilt that Emily made for her son!  It was a great day.

You can find Emily on Instagram at epetersen3_myrandf and remember to use our special code for 20% off of your first purchase of Rodan and Fields from...

Homeschooling Out of Necessity - Now Family Makes it Their Mission Together - Part 1

Hello!  Welcome to episode 12!  I had the BEST time speaking with Emily Petersen, a local mom of 3 that has traveled the globe with her husband while homeschooling her babies.  She's been to Kansas, Singapore and Japan just to give you an idea of the different places she's seen - and Emily's family now looks at homeschooling as their goal - the thing that they work towards together.
Though Emily was first thrust into homeschooling through necessity, like so many moms and dads out there, her and her husband soon realized that it was God calling...

Woman Bled Uncontrollably for 12 Years - Reflection on My Chronic Illness

Hey friends!  Did I tell you guys yet that I have a chronic illness?  And that there are a million different doctors doing a million different things to figure it out - but I was reminded during  a recent bout of family illness of a story from the Bible - about a lady that bled for TWELVE YEARS without a cure!  12 years!
It reminded me that I'm not alone while going through this, and that others have already gone before me - and that Jesus spoke DIRECTLY to them.
And listener friends...

Super Special Episode 10 - Interview With Opthamologist, Dr. Dan Greene - Retinoblastoma, Early Childhood Eye Development & Warning Signs of Eye Issues in Children

Hello and welcome!  This is episode 10 of Nesting With The Earley Birds - where I have the pleasure of my first official podcaster interview with our good friend and helper, Dr. Dan Greene.  

I hope you enjoy listening to us catch up a little bit on old times, but also hear the incredible story of Dr. Greene saving a young toddler's life.

I am so thankful that Dr. Daniel Greene from Richmond Eye Associates took the time to speak with me today!  This guy is a bunch of fun, but he is...

The Five Love Languages Couples Quiz by Gary Chapman

I hope that you enjoy hearing us (Evan and Shannon Earley) take Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages Quiz for Couples.

This is actually our second time taking this quiz - the first being several years ago when suggested by my MOPS group.  It's interesting that the results have changed over the years, but I think that life circumstances change things in your marriage regardless!  We used to have the exact, down to the percentage, quiz results.  When we received ours today, I was not only surprised, but also interested to hear how I...

Signs and Symptoms of Abuse for You or a Loved One

Hey Guys! Welcome to episode 8.  Today we are discussing what an abusive relationship MIGHT look like, as well as what you can do if you think that you or a loved one are experiencing abuse. 

National Domestic Violence Hotline Phone # - 1 - 800 - 799- SAFE (1-800-799-7233)

Surviving Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse - While Finding Jesus on the Way

Hey Guys!
So - this was a difficult episode to record ; simply because there are many things that I am sharing that have caused me to feel shame and guilt for a very long time.  But - God can heal all things - and He is doing that in me.  It's a continual process - but I'm thankful it began so long ago!
Remember to share this with others to help and encourage them; to remind them that they aren't alone ; and to share the message that there is hope after abuse.
Thanks for...

Homeschooling Tips for Teaching Multiple Children at Different Stages and Ages, Including a Toddler!

Welcome back, guys! This is episode 6, where we will be talking about the tips that I use to homeschool my 4 babes, ages 2-8! We might not be the best parents.. but maybe we can show you something new for your own homeschooling journey.  Thanks for coming back!

Teen With Autism Shot: How We Can Support Kids with Autism and Police Safety

Hello friends! This is our fifth episode and we hope you enjoy listening,  or at least learn something new, as we talk about the 13 year old teen from Utah who was shot 11 times during his mental health crisis, and discuss ideas for helping our own kids stay safe during troubles of their own! Please write in and let me know if there is anything you'd like me for me to change, or let me know if I'm doing something well! I'd love to hear from you!

Homeschooling : Why it's great - and why it sucks - and why you can do it!

DISCLAIMER - My microphone was a psycho that day.  Hopefully it's not too distracting!  I'm new at this haha. 

We've been a homeschooling family from the beginning - but it doesn't mean we're perfect.   Let me share with you just a BIT of what it's like to home-school - the good, the bad, the ugly - and why YOU are the best person for the job!--- Support this podcast:

Low Blood Sugar Testing and Hospitalization in 2 Year Old

Our son, Luca, was hospitalized for low blood sugars after having his blood drawn for an entirely different reason!  We are now in the process of figuring out what exactly might be going on with his little body.

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Growth Hormone Disorder Diagnosis in Children and Human Growth Hormone Injections and Atrial Septal Defect

Take some time to hear Shannon explaining her 2 year old son's diagnosis with Atrial Septal Defect, ASD, Human Growth Hormone Deficiency, GHD, why it is a big deal, and why nightly injections of the human growth hormone replacement, Norditropin, is so important.

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Our Toddler son's Growth Hormone Disorder and Diagnosis

Our 2 year old son, Luca, was recently diagnosed with Growth Hormone Disorder.  Listen as I explain what Growth Hormone Disorder actually is, how it is diagnosed, and the scary situation our family was in when Luca passed out during the stimulation test!

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Nesting With The Earley Birds (Trailer)

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