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By: BrotherBored

Every week, Your Bored Brother convenes his Diplomacy Dojo, where players of all skill levels come together to discuss their most "pressing" Diplomacy questions. To participate in the Diplomacy Dojo, contact Your Bored Brother through his website,, or make a pledge on Patreon at for instant access to the discord server.

"Who Do You Need to Kill?" with Dave Ainsworth (vWDC Masterclass April 2021)
Last Wednesday at 1:25 AM

Data journalist Dave Ainsworth presents an analysis of a Diplomacy data set. Dave looks at the change in each power's chances of soloing based on which other powers have or have not been eliminated.

Grand Strategy with David Maletsky (vWDC Masterclass March 2021)

On this special episode of the Diplomacy Dojo, BrotherBored brings you the Virtual World Diplomacy Community Masterclass. David Maletsky hosts this class on Grand Strategy.

How to Succeed at Face-To-Face Diplomacy

Today we brush the surface of a broad topic: face-to-face Diplomacy. Although Your Bored Brother is known for online Diplomacy, he's got advice for in-person play as well!

Do You (Germany) Think You're Better Off Alone?

Germany doesn't NEED an Austrian ally to be strong. But should Germany WANT an Austrian ally?

Increase Your Solo Win Chances by Taking Far Centers First

We focus on specific ways to improve our gameplay as Germany and Turkey in this episode. Of course, plenty of general advice arises from the discussion. Think strategically for the entire game in order to create a viable solo win chance at the end!

Games, The Universe, and Everything

We start with some specific advice about patterns in the middle and end of a Diplomacy match, then we talk about "types" of players and how those types might act. Finally, we widen our scope and consider how games like Diplomacy allow players to practice the skills of contest.

Reading the Board

This week, we discuss two different instances of interpreting moves without being able to discuss the moves with other players.

How to be a Homewrecker (in Diplomacy)

How do you break up an alliance that's going against you? And what's the value in making demands of other players?

Soloing as Italy

Why do experts love Italy and noobs hate Italy? We talk about one weird trick to win as Italy in press or gunboat Diplomacy!

Stabbing in the West

This week we talk about how and when to backstab Germany when playing as England and—shockingly—how and when to backstab England when playing as Germany.

Risk in Diplomacy

No, we're not talking about that other board game. This week we discuss when and how to take risks in Diplomacy!

The Sum-of-Squares Episode

This week we discuss tournament rules, including sum-of-squares scoring, short turns, and turn limits.

Stalemating Russia in Gunboat

In this episode, our players discuss how to form a stalemate line against Russia in a game of Gunboat Diplomacy.

Russia and England, Russia and Turkey

More Russia talk! This week our players talk about playing two alliances: Russia and England, and Russia and Turkey

Lots of Russia, a Little France

Your Bored Brother and a student discuss two questions about Russia and one about France.