The Golden Rule Revolution with Lucas Mack

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By: Lucas Mack

Discover how to live a life full of love and gain the power to make social change from people who are difference makers and how to apply those lessons in your life. Join author, speaker, entrepreneur and former TV reporter Lucas Mack as he shares thoughtful ideas and inspired stories from leaders who are making a difference on the planet.

The Navy Seal Who Saved My Life with Ret. Lt. Larry Yatch
Yesterday at 5:26 PM

He led one of the largest special operations missions in U.S. history and yet most people will never know. Besides being a 10 year Navy Seal, he is also responsible for saving my life and being one of the most incredible men I've ever met. I'm excited to introduce to you Ret. Lt. Larry Yatch. 

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From Beating Cancer to Becoming The Fly Buddha with Sara Krish
Last Thursday at 11:19 PM

Facing our fear of death and overcoming it is one of the most liberating steps we can do. In this powerful episode Sara Krish shares her story of doing just that and how she awakened to become the vibrant soul that she is today. A lesson for us all.

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The Light Worker's Journey with Alisha Berry
Last Tuesday at 7:38 PM

There comes a time in our awakening where we as Light Workers understand the gift to shine and be the invitation for others to come out of the shadows and stand in the light.

Alisha Berry knows this well as she is one of the brightest Light Workers online who shares her words to awaken others. Her slogan online is, "𝙄𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙, 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝙞𝙩." 

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Heal with Actress Melanie Marden

She goes by Your Wellness Wing Woman on Instagram, but she is way more than that. In this powerful episode hear from Actress Melanie Marden who is doing a documentary on healing cancer and so much more.

The Times, Seasons, Knowledge and Love by Lucas Mack

There's a lot happening right now! The times and seasons are bringing rapid changes and the knowledge and love available for us all is providing the platform for our ascension.  


Awakening to God by Lucas Mack

There is something happening right now more than politics, or health scares or financial systems and it's all driving us towards an awakening. Find out to what in this episode!

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A Former SWAT Officer and Detective Shares Why Emotional Intelligence is Crucial to Success with Justin Atherton

As a former SWAT Officer and Detective, Justin Atherton shares his view on the narrative around police and law enforcement and why emotional intelligence (EQ) is crucial to living a successful life. 

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A Brother's Love - How Finding Out About a Secret Life of His Brother Radically Changed His Life with Matt Cubbler

Matt Cubbler has always lived a life of sacrifice and dedication to others. From serving in the U.S. Army, to working as one of Pennsylvania's most renowned police officers, to donating his time speaking to teens and young adults about the importance of leadership in their lives, he has devoted his life to helping others through both his professional and personal life.

To him these things come naturally. Because after growing up as the son of a single mother and the brother of a mentally disabled teen who was often picked on, Cubbler always knew it...

He Died and Came Back to Life with a Message with Danny Bader

When Danny Bader died while working on a construction site, he experienced something that forever changed him and thankfully he came back to life to share his message of hope and love.  

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How I Cultivate My Relationship With God by Lucas Mack

What is God? Who is God? And, does answering these questions even matter? In this episode I share my thoughts on them and what I do to cultivate my relationship with God. Enjoy!

Releasing the Fear of Death to Find the Love of Life by Lucas Mack

It's time for humanity's awakening and to stand in our divine sovereignty. In order for us all to do so however means we get to face our deepest fears of dying to finally find the truest love for living. Find out how in this episode!

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Healing in the Heavenly Realms Changes our Earthly Living with Lore Martinez PHD

Lore Martinez PHD is back for another beautiful episode and another give away! Find out how healing ancestral constellations aligns us to our higher self and live in 5D.   

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Leaving the Age of the Anti-Christ by Lucas Mack

What does anti-Christ mean? Is there a person? How does it effect us? Find out the answers in this episode!

How to Put on the Whole Armor of God and What Does it Mean to Be the Light by Lucas Mack

In this episode I teach on what it means to put on the whole armor of God and how to walk in the light. This is in response to feedback from someone who responded to my question of what would people like to hear more of. I'll have more episodes like this coming this week!

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The Journey of the Ancestors Leading Us Home with Jeddy Azuma

This is a story of discovery and healing as Jeddy Azuma shares his story and how he found his purpose helping men heal and connecting to the ancestors.

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A Download I Got for Us All by Lucas Mack

With all that's going on, it's easy to focus out, but this is the greatest time to go within and learn ourselves to attract our greatest desires. Find out how.

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Why True Love and Healing Go Hand in Hand by Lucas Mack

I have questions for you in the episode that I'd love to hear your feedback on. Send me your answers.

We again get to come back into ourselves and receive the infinite and unconditional love of God so that we may heal and be the change this world is craving. It starts with us!

How to Find Joy Despite the Political Results by Lucas Mack

This is a message for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE! Regardless of who is in office, we can still find joy. Four years ago you may have been in a different emotional state than you are now and this cycle must end. Find out how in this episode!

The Great Awakening Will Lead to The Great Healing of Humanity by Lucas Mack

Have no fear. The Great Awakening will lead to The Great Healing of Humanity. We are about to enter the phase of humbling which thankfully will lead to our healing. Nothing hidden in the shadows will remain there any longer. Everything is being brought to the light. Have no fear my dear brothers and sisters. 

Don't Let Fear From Others Keep You Slave by Lucas Mack

This episode is a crucial message to being free from all narrative and rhetoric from others that keeps us slave to the old matrix system. We need to be slaves no longer. Find out how you to know what true light and love is as we are leaving the false system and enter the new 5D world!

Healing and Integrating the Divine Feminine and Masculine with Daniela Sage

In my second episode with Daniela Sage we discuss many beautiful topics, but the main theme is how to heal and integrate the divine feminine and masculine within each of us.

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Message from the Sirians and How to Expand our Spiritual Gifts with Lore Martinez

Healer Lore Martinez, PHD is back for another powerful and inspiring episode as she shares messages from the Sirians and the lesson we can all learn during this time of transition into 5D.  

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How to Remain in Love While the Matrix is Destroyed by Lucas Mack

Fear not my brothers and sisters, for what is coming must come so that all souls can be free. This episode is how to remain in love while the Matrix is destroyed.

Find Our Cosmic Soul Family with Cosmic Soul Sisters

Brothers and Sisters this is such an amazing time to be alive. Remember that your soul chose here and now in this reality to help with the ascension to 5D. Please listen and share this episode as these two beautiful souls share their stories so we can all recognize the role we play in bringing the light to this world!

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From Hollywood to Healing Humanity with Aaron Scotti

In my second episode with Aaron Scotti, Executive Producer of the movie The Peanut Butter Falcon, we hear about why being honest with our emotions is the key to ascension and so much more. Healing is possible for all and it starts with choosing it.

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War and Peace 3D or 5D by Lucas Mack

Message 10 of 10 is here! Thank you to my dear sister Crystal for the challenge. In this episode, I walk through the narrative that becomes popular in times of tension, but don't lead to peace, but rather war and how you can rise above the narrative of division and war and rest in the presence of love and light.

All will be well brothers and sisters as we remain in LOVE.

Why Being Angry but Staying in Love is Crucial to Our Ascension by Lucas Mack

On 9 of 10 messages for my 10 day challenge, I am bringing one of the MOST important messages I could possibly bring. Despite some distractions at the beginning of this episode, I left it in it's entirety because I didn't want to disrupt the flow. This is important. Please listen and share. It's time we detach from 3D and ascend to 5D together!

My Wife and I Share Our Reflection on 2020 and What We Are Creating Moving into 2021 with Lauren and Lucas Mack

In just our second episode together, my wife and I share our reflections on 2020 and what we are creating moving into 2021 with Lauren and Lucas Mack.

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Expansion and Contraction by Lucas Mack

8 of 10 comes a message about how to not let negative emotions and feelings get us stuck, but rather see ourselves like a jelly fish which rises within the sea by contracting and expanding. Find out how in this episode!

How to Be Free From Conditional Love and Hear from God by Lucas Mack

7 of 10 today and it's POWERFUL. In this episode hear how to be free from conditional love, hear from God and walk in your own sovereignty. Too often we are striving for love and affirmation by giving away our power to people who put terms and conditions on their "love" which leaves us always striving to prove our worth, our value and our place in this world. Today we can so, NO MORE!

Why Everything Will Be Okay by Lucas Mack

Day 6 of 10 downloading and sharing a message and today is about why everything will be okay in the coming shift and split in timelines we collectively will experience.

You're a Radio but What Station Are you Playing by Lucas Mack

Day 5 of 10 in my downloaded messages challenge.


Do you want to be the light you were fully intended to be? There is a choice then you must make to become it. Find out what it is in this episode.

Breaking Free of the Expectations of Others to Find Our Truth with Macie Robison

After growing up in LDS, Macie began seeking truth outside of her life of religion which has brought her on a journey to find her truth and gain the power to speak her voice. This episode is incredibly inspiring and the perfect episode to kick off 2021!

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How to Enter 2021 in Sovereignty and Be Your Own Hero by Lucas Mack

Happy New Year and with our new year this message in incredibly important so you don't miss the greatest opportunity to experience your own sovereignty in 2021. I love you all. Thank you for making this podcast grow and thank you for being light in this world we are creating!

How to Co-Create with God by Using our Voice by Lucas Mack

Day 3 of 10 on the challenge I talk about why our voices are so important and how we actually co-create with the one infinite creator when we speak. This is an important message for everyone to stand in sovereignty and increase our light. Blessings to you all!

Letting Go of my Childhood Safe Spaces with Lucas Mack

I'm doing a 10 day challenge to podcast every single day with a stream of consciousness because of a challenge by my friend The Energetic Alchemist so here is day two of 10. A message of letting go in order to receive what's the highest good.

How to Have No Fear in 2021 with Lucas Mack

We have a few days left in 2020 and these remaining days are gifts for us all to face our fears once and for all and conquer and vanquish our fears so that we can live in freedom and sovereignty in 2021 and beyond. In this episode I share from my heart how we all can live this out.

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From Executive Producer in Hollywood to Light Worker and Spiritual Teacher with Aaron Scotti

Coming from Hollywood and producing one of my favorite movies of 2020, Aaron Scotti has since left the world that he thought would bring him peace and joy and has now stepped into the fullness of living in abundance as he shares his story of leaving Hollywood to now helping people ascend in love and light.

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Plant Medicine, Creating the Golden Age, and Awakening to Divine Light with Daniela Sage

We are here! The age of Aquarius full of love and light is upon us. Now is our time to receive the fullness of the love and light available for us all. In this POWERFUL episode Daniela Sage shares her journey and offers a free give away at the end for her upcoming course activating your light codes. 

Daniela is a spiritual mentor, artist and producer with a background in psychology, holistic wellness, shamanism, mysticism, energy work & sound healing.

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Becoming a Dreamweaver with Crystal Church

In May of 2020, Crystal Church left the nonprofit world to live her dream life after years of struggling with insecurities and victim mindset. In this episode she shares her powerful story of overcoming adversity and finally healing wounds that kept her stuck for decades. She just wrote the book, "The Evolution of Dreamweaver - 7 Steps to delivering on Your Dreams" and she shares her lessons we all can related to!

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