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Dhalgren Gallery : The Artists

Ricardo Mosner
Today at 11:57 AM

featured works and more by Ricardo Mosner.

Ricardo Mosner was born in Argentina in 1948. He had his first exhibitions and happenings in the late 60 s and, between 1970 and 1980, he created and played in a large number of group performances with his troupe Teatr’en Poudre. Ricardo Mosner is a polymorph artist, with a large specter of expression, theatre and music, painting and sculpture, books. He worked with

Tony Soulié
Today at 11:57 AM

featured works and more by Tony Soulié.

Tony Soulié was born in Paris in 1955; he had his first exhibition in 1977 in Switzerland and was part of the French “New Abstraction” movement in the 1970-1980s. He is an established artist whose paintings, photography and installations are shown throughout the world. Many books and editions on his work have been published, most recently “Tony Soulié, peintures

Emmanuelle Aussedat
Today at 11:57 AM

featured works and more by Emmanuelle Aussedat.

Emmanuelle Aussedat studied at the Beaux Arts Institute of Paris from 1975 to 1980 when she received her degree. She was awarded grants for research and artistic creation in 1980 and 1981 and creates in 1985 the lithographic studio “La Bête à Cornes”. Her artistic creation expands abroad starting 1984 with exhibitions in the Netherlands, in Japan, England and Australia

Anne Mandorla
Today at 11:57 AM

featured works and more by Anne Mandorla.

The Copper-Engravings of Anne Mandorla,When a paper loving painter like Anne Mandorla decides to take the path of the engraver''s study, the collector of prints follows her first steps with interest, watches for the first tests. Where, how will the artist transpose the matter of her original creations, illuminate the printed copper, reproduce the force of the

Bruno Chavanne
Today at 11:57 AM

featured works and more by Bruno Chavanne.

Beholding with the eyes and maybe - the mind, the strange unfolding of history ancient and contemporary, minor or capital, authentic or romanticized, fragmented to global. Filing away, preserving, wrapping up, tying up, gluing and at the same time turning away from the past, opening up to the future, climbing the dream and abstraction. Preparing the conditions for the

Mirna Kresic
Today at 11:57 AM

featured works and more by Mirna Kresic.

Mirna Kresic brings us depicted spaces. Form and matter are folded into a specific space where the law is not the objects stability but, precisely, its becoming. It''s a painting that plays the essential problem of representation, to know that the world, is open to us, but not entirely, nor directly. The painting is the meditation of this capture. In the painting

Patricia Erbelding
Today at 11:57 AM

featured works and more by Patricia Erbelding.

Patricia Erbelding was born in Paris, France. Patricia Erbelding’s first solo exhibition was at the Haut-Pavé Gallery in Paris in 1993. She is exhibiting around the world since 1991 including Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, USA and Europe and has participated in many artists’ books publication, working with writers and poets. Her artistic expression, with a core